1. Which of the following countries successfully inserted a spacecraft into Mars orbit by maiden attempt?


2. Who among the following Nobel laureates has recently announced to put his Nobel Medal under auction ?


3. Which one among the following statements with regard to a climate deal adopted between USA & China in November 2014 is not correct ?


4. Who among the following cricket players has not died while playing a match?


5. Which one among the following films was conferred the Golden Peacock award in the 45th International Film Festival of India (2014) ?


6. Which one among the following films was awarded the best motion picture (Drama) in the 72nd Golden Globe Awards ?


7. East Zone won the prestigious Deodhar Trophy cricket tournament 2014-15 by defeating _?


8. The 2016 Olympic games shall be held in which of the following cities?


9. Who among the following has created history by becoming the youngest girl in the world to climb Mount Everest at an early age of 13?


10. On which date China celebrated the 70th anniversary of Japan’s defeat in World War-II ?


11. How many active users for ‘WhatsApp’ messaging App around the world according to the recent survey?


12. Which party won the Singapore Parliamentary elections and got the power?


13. Who is the Prime Minister of Singapore in power at the time of Parliamentary elections?


14. In which Asian country the elderly population hits a new record of 26.7 percent of the total population recently?


15. America’s Boeing company has signed a deal to sell 300 aircrafts to which countries firms?


16. When was the three day DG level India and Pakistan border talks started?


17. Where was the India- Pakistan border talks takes place ?


18. Where was the first ever India-Australia joint Naval excercises held in the month of September?


19. The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) cleared a multi billion dollar deal with aviation giant Boeing for military helicopters. Boeing is a company of which country?


20. Modi on which date met with the US President Barack Obama on a five day visit to United States of America?


21. Who is the Prime Minister of Britain to whom Prime Minister Narendra Modi met on 28 September during his US visit?


22. Among these freedom fighters on whom India Post is going to release a postal stamp ?


23. How may people are using Internet in India in 2014?


24. When the union government recognized yoga as a sports discipline?


25. Who among the following Infosys cofounder is in the list of Forbe’s Asia’s list of Philanthropists in the Asia Pacific region?


26. As per the latest world Bank report which city is top as the most polluted city among 381 South Asian countries?


27. The Central Government on 17 September 2015 announced the launch of _____?


28. In which state, a cricket stadium in the name of Sachin Tendulkar is going to start?


29. Which of the following state government won award for achievement in rooftop solar power output?


30. Global Hindu-Buddhist Initiative, a three day summit on conflict avoidance and environment consciousness was held in which city on 3-5 September 2015?


31. From 31 August to 2 September, 2015 The fourth World Conference of speakers of Parliament has been held at ——?


32. Where the Disaster Mitigation conference of member counties of South Asian Association on Regional Cooperation (SAARC) held on 3 September 2015?


33. Where was the third G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting 2015 held?


34. The G-4 Summit 2015 was held on 26 September in which city?


35. Sree Vadakkunathan Temple won the UNESCO Award of Excellence 2015 on 1 September, 2015. The temple belongs to which state?


36. Who is the Indian-American author selected for the 2014 American National Humanities Medal?


37. Which of the following organisations received the prestigious ‘Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2014’ on 9 September, 2015 from the President?


38. Who among the following women honoured with the USIBC Global Leadership Award on 22 September, 2015 ?


39. Which African country is the winner in the World Athletic Championship held at Beijing in the month of August?


40. Name the Australian cricketer who announced his retirement from the test cricket recently?


41. Who are the winners of the US Open women’s doubles title held on 13 September?


42. Who is the winner of the US Open Women’s Singles Title held on 13 September ?


43. Who is the boxing champion announced his retirement recently?


44. Who is the Indian Tennis player to win the US Open Mixed Doubles title on 12 September,2015?


45. Where was the first Global Investors Meet held in India on 9 September, 2015?


46. Who is the Indian woman ranks first in the Asia Pacific most powerful women list by Fortunes magazine released recently?


47. Where is the 11th Indo -American Economic Summit has been held on 14 September, 2015?


48. RBI recently granted in-principle approval for how many companies to set up SFBs?


49. Forward Markets Commission (FMC) has been merged with _____?


50. Reserve Bank of India on 29 September reduced it’s key Repo rate by what percent ?


51. What is the present CRR of RBI ?


52. Andhra Bank and Bank of India reduced their key lending rates by what percent?


53. The world’s longest chain of continental volcanoes were recently found in which country?


54. Which of the following University researchers are discovered the 46 crores years back Fossilised ‘giant sea scorpion’ in Lowa,USA ?


55. What is the name given to the indigenous howitzer also called desi bofors developed by Kolkata’s Ordanance Factory Board which will be given to the Indian army?


56. In which country the new species of ancient humans discovered by the scientists ?


57. Which country on 25 September successfully launched a new model of carrier rocket, Long March-11?


58. What is the life time of the ASTROSAT?


59. ASTROSAT on 28 September launched successfully along with how many foreign customer satellites?


60. Atul Sobti has been selected as next CMD of which company ?


61. Who is the first woman Director General at DRDO appointed on 9 September, 2015?


62. Gautam Bambawale, India’s ambassador to Bhutan, will take over as High Commissioner to which country ?


63. Who will be the next Indian ambassador to Bangladesh ?


64. Martin Winterkorn, who resigned on 23 September was the CEO of which car making company ?


65. Who is the renowned Water Policy expert passed away in New Delhi on 9 September, 2015 ?


66. Who is the shortest person in the world died recently on 4 September, 2015?


67. Ranil Wickremesinghe, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka visited India on ___?


68. Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari recently visited which country on a four day official visit?


69. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 23 September visited which country?


70. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited which country from September 23 to September 28 on a five day visit?


71. Which of the following company is not visited by Narendra Modi on 28 September during his US visit?


72. Which is the top source for breaking news on social media?


73. Who set a record to become the longest reigning Monarch of British Kingdom?


74. Who is the only woman from India that ranks second in the Fortune’s list of Powerful woman in business ?


75. One of the Steel plants in India get the prestigious “CIO-100 Award” by Internationa Data Group recently. The steel plant is located at ___?


76. In which country a 2000 year old stupa constructed by emperor Ashoka which fell into ruin has been restored and is set to be put?


77. Which country will host the 2022 winter Olympics?


78. What is the full form of BBPS?


79. The abbrevation of NTCA stands for?


80. PLA Stands for ___?


81. Neither a Hawk Nor a Dove’ is a book written by which Pakistan former foreign minister ?


82. Which Union minister released the book “The Chronology of Ancient India” written by Veedveer Arya on 13 September in Hyderabad?


83. Mihir Shah Committee was formed by the Union Government on which date?


84. When was National Education Day Celebrated?


85. November 17 is Celebrated as ___?


86. World Diabetics Day is observed on___?


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