(1) From now Pravas Bharatiya Divas events will be held on which dates of January ?

(A) January 1-3                     (B) January 8-10

(C) January 15-18                  (D) January 9-12

(2) When was the Pravas Bharatiya Divas celebrated every year?

(A) January 5                        (B) February 9

(C) February 14                     (D) January 9

(3) Which country is in top among Asian countries in sending scientists and engineers to US ?

(A) India                        (B) Philippines

(C) China                      (D) Japan

(4) 2015 Indo -German summit was held in which city on 6 October, 2015?

(A) Delhi                       (B) Bengaluru

(C) Hyderabad               (D) Kolkata

(5) According to the report of International Monetary Fund (IMF), India will outpace which country in growth rate?

(A) Russia                   (B) US

(C) China                     (D) UK

(6) The Nobel Prize winner for Physics Taka aki Kajita is from which country?

(A) China                     (B) Japan

(C) Singapore              (D) Taiwan

(7) Who is the Canadian scientist win the Physics Nobel Prize for the year 2015?

(A) Arthur McDonald                     (B) Shaher Momani

(C) Paul Corkum                           (D) William Moerner

(8) What is the speed of the indigenously buit warship INS- Asthradharini ?

(A) 30 knots                           (B) 15 knots

(C) 50 knots                           (D) 25 knots

(9) Sushanta Ranjan Upadhyay who resigned as State Election Commissioner on 6 October, 2015 of which state?

(A) West Bengal                   (B) Gujarat

(C) Bihar                              (D) Odisha


(1) B     (2) D     (3) A     (4) B     (5) C     (6) B     (7) A     (8) B     (9) A

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