(1) The Supreme Court has stayed the commercial release of genetically modified crop till October 17?

A) Rice

B) Mustard

C) Crop

D) Wheat

(2) Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said the India-Pakistan border will be completely sealed by ____.

A) 2019

B) 2017

C) 2018

D) 2020

(3) Which organisation had asserted that adoption of GST (Goods and Services) tax recently would boost India’s medium-term growth?

A) Small Industries Development Bank of India

B) World Economic Forum

C) World Bank

D) International Monetary Fund

(4) Juan Manuel Santos has been awarded the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. He is the present President of

A) Colombia

B) Chile

C) Cuba

D) Venezuela

(5) In which year was the BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) established?

A) 2014

B) 2015

C) 2016

D) 2012

(6) A new termite species, Glyptotermes Chiraharitae has been discovered in which Indian wildlife sanctuary?

A) Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

B) Gir Forest National Park

C) Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary

D) Sechu Tuan Nala Wildlife Sanctuary

(7) Which is the 17th state to join the UDAY scheme recently?

A) Maharashtra

B) West Bengal

C) Odisha

D) Kerala

(8) Which country has rejected plans for a near-total ban on abortions?

A) Poland

B) China

C) Japan

D) Italy

(9) The two day State Power Ministers Conference held in which city ?

A) New Delhi

B) Mumbai

C) Bhuvaneshwar

D) Vadodara

(10) The Ranji Trophy is a domestic ____ championship played in India between teams representing regional cricket associations.

A) Football

B) Cricket

C) Hockey

D) Tennis


(1) B   (2) C   (3) D   (4) A   (5) B   (6) C   (7) A   (8) A   (9) D   (10) B

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