1) China will sell eight submarines to Pakistan, are of which type?
Ans:- Yuan-class Type 041 diesel-electric submarines

2) Who has been reelected as the President of Belarus for the fifth time?
Ans:- Alexander Lukashenko

3) The European Union (EU) recently launched a new surveillance and rescue operation in the Mediterranean region termed as _____?
Ans:- Operation Sophia

4) Which country on 15 October signed a deal to end the decades of civil war?
Ans:- Myanmar

5) Typhoon Koppu smashes in which country recently?
Ans:- Philippines

6) To test the alliance’s ability to respond to new security threats, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Italy has launched ____?
Ans:- Trident Juncture Military Exercise


1) Germany announced how much fund for the development of Solar power system in India?
Ans:- 1 BillionEuros

2) For German companies in the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), which system is going to be started by India?
Ans:- Fast-Track system

3) Where the joint Hand-in-Hand counter-terrorism excercises between India and China started on 12 October ?
Ans:- Kunming city in China

4) What is the Chinese company pledged to invest 3 billion dollars investment in renewables in India?
Ans:- Sany Group


1) The government would now hold how many PBDs annually in countries with a presence of Indians abroad?
Ans:- Two ‘mini’ Regional PBDs

2) India is the top country among Asian countries for immigrant scientists and engineers in US with how many members?
Ans:- 9,50,000

3) What is the National Watershed Management Project that was approved by the Union Cabinet recently?
Ans:- “Neeranchal”

4) ‘National Watershed Management Project’ or ‘Neeranchal’ belongs to which central government scheme?
Ans:- Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana

5) The Central Government on 7 October, 2015 approved to construct which buildings in New Delhi in memory of the war soldiers?
Ans:- National War Memorial and National War Museum

6) By which name the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) along with embassy of Sweden inagurated an exhibition on Indian Nobel Laureates in Delhi ?
Ans:- Nobel Memorial Wall

7) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15 October announced a memorial of whom at Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu ?
Ans:- Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

8) The Supreme Court on 16 October, 2015 rejected which Act?
Ans:- National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) Act


1) Which state High Court ruled in a judgement that the Article 370, granting special status to the state is permanent in the Constitution?
Ans:- Jammu & Kashmir

2) In order to cooperate with the Central government’s plan of providing housing to all by 2022, the Rajasthan government launches which scheme?
Ans:- Jan Awas Yojana

3) With view to chek the increasing incidents of missing children inthe state, Kerala govt, launched which operation?
Ans:- Operation Valsalya

4) Uttar Pradesh government launched mobile App mSehat for whose purpose?
Ans:- Health Workers


1) How many Business to Business agreements have been signed by India and Germany in the Indo-German Summit 2015?
Ans:- Five

2) The 2015 annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank has been held on ____?
Ans:- 9-11 October

3) The First BRICS Ministerial migration meeting was held in Sochi on ____?
Ans:- 8 October, 2015

4) When was the 5th meeting of India-Maldives joint commission held?
Ans:- 11 October, 2015


1) Who are the two scientists discovered the new drug ‘Avermectin’ for eradicating filariasis and won the prestigious Nobel Prize in Medicine?
Ans:- William Campbell and Satoshi Omura

2) Who are the two scientists won the Physics Nobel Prize for 2015?
Ans:- Taka aki Kajita and Arthur McDonald

3) The 2015 Physics Nobel Prize winners Kajita and Arthur discovered which particles?
Ans:- “Neutrinos”

4) Who is the canadian selected for the 2015 Right Livelihood Award for her lifelong work to protect the Inuit of the Arctic ?
Ans:- Sheila Watt-Cloutier

5) Name the American scientist who won the 2015 Nobel Chemistry Prize?
Ans:- Paul Modrich

6) 2015 Nobel Peace Prize has been won by ____?
Ans:- Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet

7) Who is the welfare economist selected for the 2015 Nobel Prize in Economics?
Ans:- Angus Deaton

8) Who is the Nobel Peace Prize winner selected for the Harvard Humanitarian of the Year Award 2015?
Ans:- Kailash Satyarthi

9) What is the book written by Marlon James won the prestigious Booker Prize-2015?
Ans:- “A Brief History of Seven Killings”


1) Who are the winners of Wuhan Open Tennis Tournament Women’s doubles?
Ans:- Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis

2) Who is the Indian Cyclist who made a history by winning five medals at Taiwan Cup Track International Classic event?
Ans:- Deborah Herold

3) Who won the T20 International Series which was held from 2 October to 8 October ?
Ans:- South Africa

4) Who is the Indian Shuttler won the Dutch Open men’s singles title held on 11 October?
Ans:- Ajay Jayaram

5) Who is the winner of FIDE Women’s Grand Prix Chess Tournment 2015 held on 16 October at Kozhikode?
Ans:- Hou Yifan (China)

6) Who is the winner of Shanghai Rolex Masters tennis championship held in China on 18 October ?
Ans:- Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet

7) Which team won the Johar Cup Junior Men’s Hockey?
Ans:- Great Britain


1) What is the growth rate of India in 2016?
Ans:- 7.5 per cent

2) Which family topped the list of Forbe’s 50 richest families in Asia?
Ans:- Lee family (Samsung group)

3) London-based publication Emerging Markets has chosen Finance Minister Arun Jaitley as ____?
Ans:- ‘Finance Minister of the Year, Asia’

4) In the 2015 Global Competitiveness Index of world Economic forum (WEF) India ranks__?
Ans:- 55th Position

5) On Supervisory Cooperation and Exchange of Supervisory Information, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with which bank ?
Ans:- Central Bank of United Arab Emirates


1) What is the first weapon fitted warship that was commissioned recently in Vishakapatnam?
Ans:- INS Asthradharini

2) What is the name of the satellite developed by the students launched by China recently?
Ans:- Naliligong-1

3) What is the India’s subsonic cruise missile developed by DRDO failed on 16 October?
Ans:- Nirbhay

4) China on 17 October launches a new communication satellite called ___?
Ans:- ‘APSTAR-9’



1) Who has been appointed as the CMD (additional charge) of SAIL on 1 October, 2015?
Ans:- Anup K. Pujari

2) On 9 October who has been appointed as the chairman of Atomic Energy Commission?
Ans:- Sekhar Basu

3) Who has been elected as the new Prime Minster of Nepal on 11 October, 2015?
Ans:- K.P. Sharma Oli


1) Who is the CEO of Igate, an American technology services organisation resigned recently?
Ans:- Ashok Vemuri

2) Who is the Prime Minister of Nepal resigned on 10 October because of protests over the country’s new Constitution ?
Ans:- Sushil Koirala


1) Who is the veteran Tamil actress and comedian passed away recently?
Ans:- Manorama


1) On October 6th Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited which company in Bengaluru?
Ans:- Vocational training centre at Bosch

2) Amman City Council on the occassion of visit presented ____to the President Pranab Mukherjee ?
Ans:- Golden Key of Amman

3) President Pranab Mukherjee visited which country on 12 October during the six day historic visit?
Ans:- Palastine

4) India and Isreal signed on which agreement during the President’s visit?
Ans:- Double taxation avoidance agreement


1) Who is the eminent author returned the Sahitya Akademi Award recently?
Ans:- Nayantara Sehgal

2) Who is the first woman Parliament speaker elected on 16 October, 2015?
Ans:- Onsari Gharti Mangar


1) The DRDO on 2 October, 2015 inaguarated an Extreme Altitude Research Centre at Chang La in Jammu and Kashmir at which hight ?
Ans:- 17,600 Ft

2) The New Capital of Andhra Pradesh State?
Ans:- Amaravathi


1) What is the fullform of DRDA?
Ans:- District Rural Development Association

2) What is the full form of ASEAN?
Ans:- Association of South East Asian Nations

3) BIMSTEC stands for what?
Ans:- Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand Economic Cooperation

4) What is the term CSIR stands for?
Ans:- Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

5) NRHM stands for ____?
Ans:- National Rural Health Mission

6) BARC stands for ____?
Ans:- Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

7) NATO stands for ____?
Ans:- North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

8) TPP stands for ____?
Ans:- Trans Pacific Partnership

9) DIPP stands for ____?
Ans:- Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion

10) ADB stands for ____?
Ans:- Asian Development Bank

11) ICAC stands for ____?
Ans:- International Cotton Advisory Committee

12) PMSKY stands for ____?
Ans:- Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana

13) NJAC stands for ____?
Ans:- National Judicial Appointments Commission

14) ISRO stands for ____?
Ans:- Indian Space Research Organisation

15) AMRUT stands for ____?
Ans:- Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation

16) IMF stands for ____?
Ans:- International Monetary Fund

17) WEF stands for ____?
Ans:- World Economic Forum

18) CIPS stands for ____?
Ans:- China International Payment System

19) NRB stands for ____?
Ans:- Nuclear Recycle Board

20) IPCC stands for ____?
Ans:- Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change

21) AICS stands for ____?
Ans:- All India Council of Sports

22) CPAC stands for ____?
Ans:- Central Press Accreditation Committee

23) IRCTC stands for ____?
Ans:- Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation

24) BWF stands for ____?
Ans:- Badminton World Fedaration

25) DRDL stands for ____?
Ans:- Defence Research and Development Laboratory

26) DIHAR stands for ____?
Ans:- Defence Institute of High Altitude Research

27) JNPT stands for ____?
Ans:- Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust


1) What is the book about the Indian President Pranab Mukherjee released recently at Rashtrapati Bhavan?
Ans:- ‘The Nationalist President Pranab Mukherjee’

2) Who is the former chairman of the US Federal Reserve released his book titled Courage to Act: A Memoir of a Crisis and its Aftermath?
Ans:- Ben S Bernanke


1) Who is the former Chief Election Commissioner in the committee formed on Kalam Memorial at Rameshwaram ?
Ans:- N. Gopalaswamy

2) Achary committee has recommended to increase the existing salary of MLAs from Rs. 12,000 per month to ___?
Ans:- Rs. 50,000


1) Which day is celebrated on October 17?
Ans:- International Poverty Eradication Day

2) International Peace Day is observed on which date?
Ans:- October 2

3) United Nations Day is observed on which date?
Ans:- October 24

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