1) Recently NATO, EU signed agreement on___?
Ans:- Cyber defense cooperation

2) The North Korea has restarted which reactor that shut down in 2007?
Ans:- Graphite-moderated plutonium reactor

3) India,china’s first tactical drill on boarder with exercise named?
Ans:- Sino-India Cooperation

4) India with 130 rank in human development is placed under which category?
Ans:- Medium Human Development Countries

5) Japan lifts nuclear sanctions on_____?
Ans:- Iran

6) Recently Canada,US,Mexico signed a Memorandum of Understanding on?
Ans:- Climate Change

7) The country that banned kidney transplants for foreigners?
Ans:- Sri Lanka

8) Recently the country that approves Hindu Marriage Bill?
Ans:- Pakistan

9) The Country that tops in Human development from south Asia?
Ans:- Sri Lanka


1) International Fleet Review 2016 held at ?
Ans:- Viskhapatnam

2) India and Sri Lanka signed MoUs related to?
Ans:- Education and Health Sectors

3) Japan shin Maywa Industries planned to set up manufacturing plant of US-2 amphibious aircraft in India Under which concept?
Ans:- Make in India Initiative

4) India and Armenia signed Protocol amending for___?
Ans:- Changing Existing Double Taxation Avoidance

5) The Asian Development Bank (ADB)and Government of India signed an $80 million loan agreement for development of _____in Agartala and Aizwal ?
Ans:- Infrastructure

6) The company that agreed to store crude oil in Indian storage is?
Ans:- Abu Dhabi National Oil (ADNOC) Company

7) The company that agreed to store crude oil in Indian storage is?
Ans:- Abu Dhabi National Oil (ADNOC) Company

8) Joint military exercise LAMITYE 2016 is between which countries?
Ans:- India and Seychelles

9) India and Oman Conduct bilataral naval exercise with name?
Ans:- ‘Naseem Al Baha’

10) India and France ink MoU on Purchase of ?
Ans:- Rafale Jets


1) Recently Prime minister Narendra Modi dedicated which factory to nation ?
Ans:- Brahmaputra cracker and polymer Ltd

2) Joint Venture Companies approved by Union cabinet for resources of executing rail infrastructure projects in multiple states is between___?
Ans:- Ministry of Railways and State Government

3) Recently union ministr y of social justice and empowerment has launched_____for Disabilities(PwDs)
Ans:- Developed by National

4) Disabilities(PwDs) developed by National Handicapped Finance and development cooperation (NHFDC)?
Ans:- Job Portal

5) The scheme Launched by Government for online booking of LPG Cylinders is?
Ans:- Sahaj Scheme

6) Union Government Released Hydrocarbon Vision 2030 for the states?
Ans:- North – Eastern State

7) The National organic forming Reasearch institute set up by Union Government in ?
Ans:- Sikkim

8) Recently Union Government launched NFME for the elimination of disease?
Ans:- Malaria


1) Under which article of constitution Arunachal Pradesh comes under Presidental rule?
Ans:- Article 356

2) In Internet Readlness the state that present in 1st position?
Ans:- On tario, Cananda

3) The MNoEFce delares wild pigas vermin in?
Ans:- Uttarakhand

4) Recently the central rule is assesd in which state?
Ans:- Arunachal Pradesh


1) 19th National Conference on e-governance held in Nagpur was organized by?
Ans:- Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances (DARPG)

2) In 4th world government summit in Dubai m-Government Service Award was presented to?
Ans:- Karnataka Mobile One project


1) In which function was the Wild life Film maker Naresh Bedi Honoured with V shantaram Award?
Ans:- Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF)

2) Amnesty International Germany has chosen Henri Tiphagne,the Indian lawyer and Human rights activist, for which award?
Ans:- Amnesty International Human Rights award

3) On the which day three Indian citizens are Honoured with Highest civilian award of Australia?
Ans:- Australian day

4) The Indian’s highest Peace time gallantry award Ashoka chakra is given to lance posthumous hero___?
Ans:- MohanNathGoswami

5) On 24th Jan blind cricketers of India won first T20 which cup ?
Ans:- Asia cup

6) Who are the two women single players, have more Grand prix gold title than sindhu?
Ans:- SaniaNehwal and Sung Jihyun


1) First German tennis player won Australian open title Since 1999 she is?
Ans:- Angelique Kerber

2) West Indies won ICC U19 Cricket World Cup by defeating?
Ans:- India

3) ATP Argentina open title was won by?
Ans:- Domminic Thiem

4) Chappell-Hanlee Trophy was won by?
Ans:- Newzealand

5) The International cricket council (ICC) suspended Pakistani leg-Spinner for three months is?
Ans:- Yasi Shah

6) 61 National School Athletics Champion Ship was won by?
Ans:- Kerala

7) The Tennis player who reached 300 Grand Slam is?
Ans:- Roger Federer

8) The 83 Senior National Snooker Champion Shiptitle was given to
Ans:- Aditya Mehta


1) India was ranked 37 out of 38 countries according to which Index?
Ans:- International Intellectual Property Index

2) Recently Miniratna category-1 status is given to?
Ans:- Hospital Services Consultancy CorporationLtd (HSCC)

3) Three major IT companies of India that joined US president Barak Obama’s ambitious “computer science for all” scheme is?
Ans:- Infosys, Tataconsultancy services and wipro

4) World’s wealthiest People list is prepared as per data provided in_____?
Ans:- Wealth-x, a wealth-tracking website

5) Accoding to United Nations world economy report India is fastest growing economy at the rate of__?
Ans:- 7.3%

6) The country that tops in milk production is ?
Ans:- India

7) The One Billion users of mobile messaging app the app is?
Ans:- Whats App

8) According to UNISDR Report India ranked in which place?
Ans:- Third


1) North Korea’s National Aerospace Development Administration (NADA) launched which satel lite successfully?
Ans:- Kwangmyong song-4 satellite

2) To build a project loon Google made a Joint venture with which country?
Ans:- Srilanka

3) Presence of Gravitational waves was confirmed by?
Ans:- US Laser Interferometer Gravitational waves Observatory (Ligo) scientists

4) Presence of Gravitational waves was confirmed by?
Ans:- US Laser Interferometer Gravitational waves Observatory (Ligo) scientists

5) New Species of Hydroid Polyps, emitting gree fluorescence is discoverd in?
Ans:- Red Sea

6) The satellite Launched by French Guiana abroad on Arianes Vehicle is ?
Ans:- Intaslat 29e



1) On 21st January atulesh jindal has appointed as new chairman of CBDT by whom ?
Ans:- Narendra Modi

2) Indian origin Australia high commissioner to India is?
Ans:- Harinder Sindu

3) Recently appointed commonder of NATO fores in Afghanistan?
Ans:- John Nicholson

4) New Lokayukta of Uttar Pradesh is?
Ans:- Justice Sanjay Mishra

5) New Chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) is?
Ans:- Atulesh Jindal


1) The new governor of Arunachal Pradesh after Y S Dadwal resignation is?
Ans:- B D Sharma


1) Recently the Cartoonist died was?
Ans:- Sudhir Tailang

2) Recently died Tabala player,Sankarghosh got which award in 2000 ?
Ans:- Sangeet Natak Akademi

3) Former Army Chief passed on 30 January 2016 is?
Ans:- Krishna Rao

4) The Sangeet Natak Akademi Award winner Tabala player recently died is?
Ans:- Sankar Ghosh

5) A. G. Krishna Murthy Recently passed away is founder of ?
Ans:- Mudra Communications


1) Dr. Hamid Ansari Made a visit from 1st to 5th Feb to__?
Ans:- Brunei & Thailand

2) President of India Recently the prince that clisited India is?
Ans:- Crown of Abu Dhabi

3) The president that made a visit to republic Function of India?
Ans:- French president Franco is Hollande


1) Recently HFEA of United kingdom granted license to Francis crick Institute to use new gene editing techniques on whose embryos?
Ans:- Human embryos

2) The “2015 is earths warmest year since 1880”who said this?
Ans:- NASA&NOAA with Individual analysis

3) Recently That launches its first original movies and series is?
Ans:- YouTube

4) India’s Lightest Revolver weighing 250grams released by Rifle Factory Ishapore is?
Ans:- Nidar


1) World’s largest concentrated solar plant constructed in?
Ans:- Morocco

2) World’s largest canyon spotted by Chinese Scientists under Princess Elizabeth Land is larger than present largest Grand canyon present in?
Ans:- United states

3) Indians Worlds best hotel of 2016 is____present in Rajasthan?
Ans:- Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan


1) HFEA stands for __ ?
Ans:- Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

2) IAHC means ___?
Ans:- India Africa Hydro Carbon Conference

3) What is SEBI ?
Ans:- Securities and Exchange Board of India

4) NATO Stands for ___?
Ans:- North Atlantic Treaty organization

5) MoEF means ___?
Ans:- Ministry of Enuiromenty Forest and Climate

6) DARPG stans for ___?
Ans:- Department of administrative Reforms and Public Guievances


1) Former President Kalam’s Book launched in South Africa the book is?
Ans:- Transendence

2) Recently Mamata Banerjee released 10 Books at___?
Ans:- Kolkata International Book Fair


1) Supreme court Recently appointed which Committee to sell PACL’s asserts?
Ans:- Lodha Committee

2) Recently Companies Law Committee submitted recommendations on Companies act to Union government, this committee was chaired by?
Ans:- Japan Ray Secretary


1) Central Excise Day is observed on ?
Ans:- 24 February

2) World Marriage Day is observed on ____?
Ans:- Second Sunday of February

3) 28 February is celebrated as ?
Ans:- National Science Day

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