1) Kosovo Parliament has elected Hashim Thaci as its President. What is the capital of Kosovo?
Ans:- Pristina

2) The fifth edition of IBSAMAR 2016, a trilateral exercise between Brazil, India & South Africa kicked off in Goa. It is which type exercise?
Ans:- Naval

3) Which countries are participating in the naval Exercise IBSAMAR 2016?
Ans:- Brazil, India and South Africa

4) In accordance with the Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report, which country stood at top?
Ans:- Switzerland


1) India has approved a $150 million credit line for the development of Chabahar port. This port is located in which of the following countries?
Ans:- Iran

2) Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology and a consortium of top UK research institutions signed an MoU for establishment of a joint India-UK collaboration programme in _____?
Ans:- Crop science

3) The Indian Government has extended e-Tourist Visa Scheme to how many countries?
Ans:- 37

4) The 7th joint military exercise named as Lamitye Military Exercise held between which countries at victoria Mahe Island?
Ans:- India and Seychelles

5) Indian Defence Ministry has issued an order worth Rs 22,000 crores for purchase of helicopters, CH-47 Chinook and AH-64 Apache, with which of the following countries?
Ans:- United States

6) India has been ranked at the 90th place in a list of 126 countries in terms of Energy Security complied by World Economic Forum (WEF). The list is topped by _________
Ans:- Switzerland

7) India has ranked 37 out of 38 countries for its intellectual property rights environment in the annual IP index released by the United States
Chamber of Commerce (USCC) with only Venezuela scoring lower. Which Country ranked first in this rank?
Ans:- USA

8) The Marshall Islands is in process to sue India and others in International Court of Justice. Capital city of the tiny island country is?
Ans:- Majuro


1) Name the scheme that will be launched to link States and Districts?
Ans:- ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’

2) Union Government is all set to mobilize how much amount under its ambitious Sagarmala project?
Ans:- Rs 10 Lakh cr

3) In accordance with the information received from Office of Registrar General of India (RGI), sex ratio in India has has been upgraded to how much?
Ans:- 943

4) Prime Minister NarendraModi has recently launched the ambitious ‘Rurban Mission’ for developing 300 villages across the country as urban growth centres aimed at improving the country’s basic infrastructure, at which places?
Ans:- Dongargarh, Chhattisgarh

5) Government of India will pay EPS contribution of how much percent for all new employees enrolling in EPFO for the first three years of employment which will be applicable to those with salaries of Rs. 15,000 per month?
Ans:- 8.33%

6) For the benefit of farmers, how much percent FDI through FIPB route will be permitted for marketing of food products, produced and manufactured in India?
Ans:- 100% FDI

7) The Indian government has planned to set up wifi facilities at 25,000 spots in the country by _______?
Ans:- March 2016

8) Which station was declared the cleanest railway station in India according to an Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) survey that was released on 17 March 2016?
Ans:- Surat (Gujarat)

9) The Delhi police has tied up with which Indian organisation to track crime in the city?
Ans:- Indian Space Research Organization

10) The cabinet has approved the Mines and Minerals Amendment bill, 2015.The Mines and minerals act was passed in?
Ans:- 1957


1) Vedanta has bagged the Baghmara (Sonakhan) gold mine, the country’s first gold mine to be auctioned, in the state of?
Ans:- Chhattisgarh

2) Recently, Rajasthan govt has inked how many pacts worth Rs 11,531.21 crore with various companies?
Ans:- 51

3) Which state has launched ‘Niramaya’ scheme for distribution of free medicines?
Ans:- Odisha

4) The NDDB foundation for Nutrition (NFN) has launched the ‘Gift Milk’ initiative in which state?
Ans:- Telangana

5) President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the country’s first “Gender Park” in which state?
Ans:- Kerala

6) Which Indian state announces housing scheme for transgenders?
Ans:- Karnataka

7) National Food Security Act (NFSA) 2013 has been officially launched in which state?
Ans:- Mizoram

8) India’s first-ever Aviation Park will come up in which state?
Ans:- Gujarat

9) Which state government has launched an initiative “School on wheels” for tribal children?
Ans:- Rajasthan

10) India’s first international arbitration centre will come up in which city?
Ans:- Mumbai

11) Government has set up a high-level committee to look into the issue of missing files related to 2004 Ishrat Jahan encounter case.This case related to which state?
Ans:- Gujarat

12) Which state government has launched awareness programme to protect sparrows?
Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

13) Which state has introduced the Prohibition of Social Boycott bill, 2016?
Ans:- Maharashtra

14) Which state has adopted its new Industrial Policy which will be valid till 2026?
Ans:- Jammu & Kashmir


1) The 13th World Spice Congress was held recently in?
Ans:- Ahmedabad


1) The Pandit Dinanath Mangeshkar award 2016 will be given to?
Ans:- Ranveer Singh & Sanjay Leela Bhansali

2) Goverdhan Mehta has been conferred with Federal Republic of Germany’s prestigious Cross of the Order of Merit’. He is a researcher related to?
Ans:- Chemical Sciences

3) The prestigious Astronautical Society of India’s Aryabhata Award has been given to?
Ans:- Avinash Chander

4) Which is the best picture award winner at the 88th annual Academy Awards 2016?
Ans:- Spotlight

5) Who has been chosen for the Dinanath Mangeshkar award?
Ans:- Sanjay Leela Bhansali

6) Which of the following companies has bagged the Global CSR Excellence & Leadership Awards in the category of Best Environment-Friendly Project?
Ans:- GVK Biosciences

7) Which bank has won the first ever Green Bond Pioneer Award 2016?
Ans:- Yes Bank

8) Who has been conferred with the Germany’s prestigious ‘Cross of the Order of Merit’?
Ans:- Goverdhan Mehta

9) Which Indian film has won the Best Children’s Film award at the 2016 Berlin International Film Festival?
Ans:- Ottal

10) Who has been conferred with the first world Sanskrit Award?
Ans:- Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

11) Which of the following state’s tourism campaign has bagged the prestigious Golden City Gate Award?
Ans:- Kerala

12) Which bank has won the first ever Green Bond Pioneer Award 2016?
Ans:- Yes Bank

13) Who has been bestowed with the French Legion of Honour, recently?
Ans:- Muhammad bin Nayef

14) Who has been awarded 2015 Krutitava Smagra Samman?
Ans:- Padma Sachdev


1) Lalita Babar has been named Sportsperson of the Year in India Sports Awards 2015. She is a/an?
Ans:- Long-distance runner

2) Which country has won 2016 Trans-Tasman Trophy of Cricket?
Ans:- Australia

3) Which cricket team has won the 2015-16 season’s Ranji Trophy title?
Ans:- Mumbai

4) Which team has won the Coal India Hockey India League (HIL) title 2016?
Ans:- Punjab Warriors

5) Which countries have won the Badminton Asia Team Championships 2016 in the men and women’s categories respectively?
Ans:- Indonesia and South Korea

6) Which country will host the final of the Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2017, the ICC has announced recently?
Ans:- Lord’s

7) Brendon McCullum has blasted the fastest century in Test history in his 101st and final match before retiring. He is from ______?
Ans:- New Zealand

8) Who won 2016 Australian Grand Prix, the inaugural event of the Formula 1 (F1) season of 2016, on 20 March 2016?
Ans:- Nico Rosberg (Germany)


1) What is the fiscal deficit target for the year 2016-17?
Ans:- 3.5% of GDP

2) How much amount is allocated for celebrating Birth Centenary of Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay and 350th Birth Anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh?
Ans:- 100 Crore

3) Which act will be amended to strengthen Asset Reconstruction Companies which will help in dealing with stressed assets of Banks?

4) For the benefit of farmers, how much percent FDI through FIPB route will be permitted for marketing of food products, produced and manufactured in India?
Ans:- 100% FDI

5) What is the total amount that will be spent on capital expenditure of roads and railways in 2016-17?
Ans:- Rs. 2,18,000 crore

6) Government of India will pay EPS contribution of how much percent for all new employees enrolling in EPFO for the first three years of employment which will be applicable to those with salaries of
Rs. 15,000 per month?
Ans:- 8.33%

7) How many Multi Skill Training Institutes will be set up under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana?
Ans:- 1500

8) A New Health Protection scheme will be launched which will provide health cover up to how much amount per family?
Ans:- Rs. 1 lakh

9) Unified Agricultural Marketing E Platform to be dedicated to the Nation on the Birthday of which famous personality on 14th April, 2016?
Ans:- Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

10) What is the total outlay on irrigation including market borrowings in the budget for the year 2016-17?
Ans:- Rs. 12,157 crore

11) How much amount will be given as Grant in Aid to Gram Panchayats & Municipalities as per the recommendations of the 14th FC?
Ans:- Rs.2.87 lakh crore

12) In order to enhance economic cooperation and strengthen financial stability, RBI has extended the currency swap arrangement to SAARC nations till mid-November 2017 of how much amount?
Ans:- $2 billion

13) Recently, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has cancelled the certificate of registration of how many NBFCs?
Ans:- 26

14) What is the approximate contribution of real estate in India’s national GDP?
Ans:- 9%


1) The world’s first fast-acting anti-rabies drug “RMAb” will be launched in which country?
Ans:- China

2) Scott Kelly, an astronaut returned on Earth After a historic 340-day mission aboard the International Space Station. He was an astronaut of which country?
Ans:- USA

3) US health regulator has tentative approved which drug firm’s Ritonavir tablets used for treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection?
Ans:- Aurobindo Pharma

4) The Department of bio-technology of Ministry of Science & Technology has inked pact with which of the following country in research on Crop Sciences?
Ans:- United Kingdom

5) Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare J P Naddahas launched Project Sunrise for prevention of which disease specially among people injecting drugs in the 8 North-Eastern states?
Ans:- AIDS

6) India’s first indigenously developed lightest revolver (gun) weighing merely 250 grams was successfully launched to boost the “Make In India” initiative. The name of this revolver is ____?
Ans:- Nidar

7) The world’s first fully electric-powered double-decker bus has been launched in which country?
Ans:- United Kingdom

8) Exo-Mars is a project launched to explore living conditions in Mars. It is a combined effort of?
Ans:- Europe & Russia

9) NASA’s new MARS mission ‘InSight’ is set to be launched in?
Ans:- 2018



1) India’s second largest software exporter Infosys has extended the tenure of chief executive officer & Managing Director Vishal Sikka by another —- years till the year 2021?
Ans:- 4 Years

2) Who has been elected as the new FIFA President?
Ans:- Gianni Infantino

3) Who has been appointed as the first Chairman of the Banks Board Bureau (BBB)?
Ans:- Vinod Rai

4) Who has recently been appointed as first non-navy officer to head Coast Guard?
Ans:- Rajendra Singh

5) Ashwini Nangia has been appointed as the Director of the CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory which is situated at?
Ans:- Pune

6) Justice Dinesh Maheshwari has been sworn-in as the new chief justice of the?
Ans:- Meghalaya High Court

7) Which cricketer has been appointed as the UNDP National Goodwill Ambassador For Youth in Bangladesh?
Ans:- Mashrafe Bin Mortaza

8) Christine Lagarde from France has been appointed as the Managing Director (MD) of the International Monetary Fund for a second five-year term. The headquarters of The IMF is located at which places?
Ans:- Washington D.C

9) Who was appointed as the Director General (DG) of Indian Coast Guard (ICG)?
Ans:- Rajendra Singh

10) Who has been named as Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)?
Ans:- Ashley Judd


1) Who was resigned as the chairman of United Spirits Ltd (USL)?
Ans:- Vijay Mallya


1) Rajesh Pillai, who has been recently passed away was related to which field?
Ans:- Director

2) Leslie Bassett, Pulitzer winning passed away in Oakwood, Georgia. He was a famous?
Ans:- Composer


1) Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, recently visited India.He was the price of which country?
Ans:- Abu Dhabi


1) Which of the following Nation’s Women Cycling Team has been nominated by a group of Italian MPs for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize for their dedication?
Ans:- Afghanistan

2) Who will become the first women umpire to officiate in the ICC World Twenty20 cricket?
Ans:- Kathleen Cross


1) In the recently released survey by travel website TripAdvisor, how many Indian beaches has been listed in the top 10 “Asia’s Travellers Choice Award Winning Beaches”?
Ans:- 3

2) Which of the following city’s school has been emerged as the greenest school of India?
Ans:- Noida


1) What is the full form of AAFI?
Ans:- Amateur Athletics Federation of India

2) What is the full form of ASWAC?
Ans:- Airborne Surveillance Warning and Control


1) Book title “Indian Paper Money” has been authored by —?
Ans:- Razack

2) The book “Playing It My Way” has entered the Limca Book of Records in the category of best selling books across both fiction and non-fiction categories. It is the autobiography of?
Ans:- Sachin Tendulkar


1) The Government-constituted expert committee to examine the Possibility of Replacing Multiple Prior Permissions with Pre-Existing Regulatory Mechanism submitted its recommendations. It was
headed by —?
Ans:- Ajay Shankar

2) Who has recently been appointed as chairperson of a committee set up by the Human Resource Development Ministry to draft the new education policy?
Ans:- T. S. R. Subramanian


1) The March 3 is celebrated as __ ?
Ans:- National Defence Day

2) World Consumer Rights day celebrated on __?
Ans:- March 15

3) March 21 is celebrated as __?
Ans:- International Day of Forests

4) National Vaccination Day is on ___?
Ans:- March 16

5) World Wild life day is on ___?
Ans:- March 3

6) World Disabled day is celebrated on ___?
Ans:- March 15

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