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L G & Milagrow Enter Into Home Cleaning Robot

The two companies announced the launch of their domestic robotic cleaners. Signalling  the creation of a new product  ‘ niche ‘ within the vaccum cleaner segment .LG, The launch of its hom-bot prised Rs. 43,990 .

US Engineers New Self-Guided Bullet

US  Sandia National Laboratories Engineers had invented a bullet that directs itself to a target like guided missile and can hit a target more than 1.6km away, It can move up to thirty corrections per seconds while in the air. The bullet can twists and turns to guide itself toward a laser-directed point.

Drought-Hit Mars Too Dry For Life

British scientists had concluded that Mars is too dry, a planet to host any form of life. An analysis of soil, collected during the year 2008 NASA Phoenix Mission to Mars, by Imperial college London had revealed that the red planet had experienced a  super drought 600millions years ago. The scientists had decided that there had been water present during a warmer period lasting up to 5,000 years in past, but this would been too little time for life to establish itself on the surface.

Two New Planets Found

Researchers had discovered a new planet some 22 light years from the Earth is the most likely to hold water &possibly host life. It receives about 90% of the light that the Earth receives from the Sun The new two planets named Kepler 34, and Kepler 35 each of which circling around its own double Sun together with Kepler 16.

“World’s Highest Resolution” Lunar Images

China’s state administration of science, technology and industry for national defence on 6 Feb 2012, released a set of “World’s Highest Resolution” lunar images taken by its second moon orbiter, Chang’e-2  and at it braces to launch its next missile to land a rover to explore its surface.

Google Launch Camera Equipped Glasses

Google is going to launch a hi-tech glasses with in-built computer displays. Speculation is rife that developed at Google’s secret Google X lab. The glasses will be armer with cameras, an android operating system and could be on sale soon.

New Supercontinent In Arctic

Geologists at the Yale University in the US predicted that in the coming 50 to 200million years, Australia may merge with India while all the countries may collide each other to form one massive supercontinent.The Americas and Asia will drift Northward, closing off the Arctic and Caribbean Oceans to merge around the Northpole and form a super continent called Amasia.

Life Originated On Land Not In Oceans

Anew study claimed that the theory proposed by Charles Darwin on life’s origin was correct. Drawin proposed that the life originated on land in a pound and not in the oceans. The study held by the researchers at the Osnabruck university in Germany found that the first primitive cells might have originated in pools of condensed vapour. This was caused by underground hot water. The scientist discovered that the oceans did not contain the best balance of ingredients to support life on Earth.

NASA Discovered Water On The Planet Called GJ1214b

Researchers at the Harvard Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics discovered that the planet GJ1214b was largely covered in water . They used Hubble space telescope to discover the water  on planet. GJ1214b was discovered in 2009 by the ground based MEarth. It is approximately 2.7 times, Earth diameter and weighs almost 7 times as much as Earth.The presence of water on the planet was confirmed when it crossed in front of its host star. The light of the star glittered through the planets atmoshere, provided clues to the mix of gasses, supporting the water vapour theory.

Tiny Lizard Called Brookesia Mirca Found

In Madagascas, one of the world’s tinest Lizards called Brookesia Mirca was found by German researchers on 14 Feb 2012 It reaches a maximum length of 29mm. The researchers also found three new species in the North of the Island, during daytime, the lizards mostly live in the leaf litter in the day and at night climb up. The lizards were limited to very small ranges and they are at risk from habitat disturbance.

Indian Black Eagle Was Spotted After 90 yrs

The Indian Black Eagle was spotted in the Aravali Biodiversity Park after a gap of 90 yrs The bird was last seen in 1920-21 by Basin Edwardes.

Space Bug – A New Source Of Power

Scientists have discovered a type of space bacteria in British river which they could be used as a new power source for the world. The Bacillus Strato sphericus, usually found more than 20 miles above the Earth, were spotted in the mouth of the river Wear in Sunderland. It is believed that the bugs may had been brought to the surface by atmospheric cycling, which causes evaporated water to rise into the stratosphere and then fall again.The organism is a particularly potent form of bacteria which can be used in a microbial fuel cell to convert river waste into power and clean water.

China Launches 11th Satellite To Bolster GPS system

China had successfully launched a satellite into space to bolster its indigeneous global navigation and positioning network known as Beidou. The satellite, launched from the Xichang satellite launch center in the southwestern Sichaun province,was boosted by a long march 3′c carrier rocket into a geosynchronous orbit. It is China’s 11th homemade navigation satellite.

Arctic Sea Ice Decline Linked To Snowy Winter

Further evidence had found of a relationship between melting Arctic sea ice and wide spread cold outbreaks in the Northern hemisphere could be used to improve seasonal forecasting of snow and temperature anomilies.

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