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1) Who was appointed as BCCI Ombudsman?
A) D.K. Jain
B) H. J. Kania
C) Mehr Chand Mahajan
D) Mehr Chand Mahajan
Answer: A

2) Swine flu deaths reached how many across India?
A) 327
B) 367
C) 377
D) 357
Answer: C

3) EPFO Hikes Interest Rates on EPF by how many %?
A) 0.3%
B) 0.1%
C) 0.4%
D) 0.5%
Answer: B

4) Government to Infuse Rs 48,239 crore in how many PSB?
A) 09
B) 10
C) 11
D) 12
Answer: D

5) Which day was observed as International Mother Language Day?
A) 01 February
B) 11 February
C) 21 February
D) 22 February
Answer: C

6) Namvar Singh Passed Away. He is popularly known as ___________.
A) Writer
B) Singer
C) Actor
D) Politician
Answer: A

7) Who was Conferred with Seoul Peace Prize?
A) Manmohan Singh
B) Pratibha Patel
C) Narendra Modi
D) None of the above
Answer: C

8) Bengali singer Who was passed away at 55?
A) Geeta Dutt
B) Pratik Choudhury
C) Hemant Kumar
D) Asha Bhosle
Answer: B

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