1. Cyprus’s main Theme for its EU precidency is ?

Answer : Towards a Better Europe

2. The Mexican Government declared a national animal heath emergency on 2 July in the face of aggressive ____?

Answer :  Bird flu

3. U.S & China pledged to ease strains in their relationship renewed disputes over ?

Answer :  South China sea

4. Who passed the bill to protect leaders from contempt of court proceedings from Pakistan?

Answer :  Asif Ali zardari

5. Name the space craft in which sumitha willians took aoff for the International space station recently?

Answer :  Soyuz

6.U.S cut Military aid to ______?

Answer : Pakistan


1.Foreign direct Investment flows into India in 2011 is ?

Answer : $32 billion

2. Who is the foreign secretary of pakistan at present ?

Answer :  Abhas Jilani

3. What is the name of the Islands offered by Mauritius to India , preserve tax treaty ?

Answer :  North & South Agalega Islands

4.What is the name of the trade and Insdustry Minister ?

Answer : Hanna Tettch

5. India had invoked a lowpermitting Nato pharma to manufracture Nexavar drug to cure ?

Answer :  Cancer

6.Which countries signed pact for funding two new units at the kundakulam Nuclear Power Project in Tamilnadu?

Answer : India & Russia

7.Which country is in best place in ‘Child development Index’ ?

Answer : Japan

8.What is the British University which conferred an honorary degree of Doctorate of letters to the elected president Pranab Mukherjee?

Answer : University of Wolverhampton

1.Which place of india recognised recently under world heritage list ?

Answer :  Western Ghats

2.Inda, south east Asia nations join hands to protech____?

Answer :  Wildlife

3.Which state has represented the highest no:of suicides According to ” accidental deaths & Suicides in India 2011″?

Answer :  West Bengal

4. what is the second competitive city in our country according to International think tank report on 11 July 2012?   Answer :  Mumbai

5. How many central universities are there in India ?

Answer :  41

6. which associationa was ban was extended by Government of india due to anti – India posture ?

Answer :  LTTE

7.Who is the 13th President of India ?

Answer :  Pranab Mikharjee


1.Which type of license in Karnataka indicates donation of organs ?

Answer : Driving License

2. Which scheme was implemented by Madhya Pradesh according to delivery Monitoring unit?

Answer :    MNREGA

3.According to Goa scheme ‘Ladli Lakshmi’ the women can avail of Rs.1Lakh to meet ?

Answer : Wedding expenses

4. Who is  the new CM of Karanataka ?

Answer : Jagadish shettar

5. Orissa chief Minister Naveen patnaik on 13 July 2012 announced increase in the representation of woment in Urban local bodies (ULBs) from 3 percent to ______?

Answer : 50 %

6.What is the major festival in Rajastahan celebrated inviting rains by women____

Answer :  Teej


1. who represented India in 1st East Asia Educational Minister’s Meeting ?

Answer : Purandhareswari

2. What is the conference held yo  help wartorn Afghanistan ?

Answer : Tokyo conference

3. The first World Hindi Conference will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from ?

Answer : September 22 -24

4. What is the name of the conference held by NASA recently for which it has included two indian Innovators ?  

Answer : Conference on waste management


1.Who is the received Nayudamma award for the year 2012 ?

Answer : V.Rahjanna

2.Who is the APCC secretary ?

Answer : Ananda Babu

3. The winner ‘Golden Peacock Environment Management ‘ Award 2012 is ?

Answer :  Manipal University

4. ” Lanco Infratech” Jopurnal was adjudged best in which category ?

Answer : cover design

5. “Mining Engineer of the year” Award for 2010-11 was presented to ___?

Answer :    Narendra Kumar Nanda , director od NMDC

6. What is the award recently won by sundarsham Patnaik ?

Answer : People’s choice medal Award

7.How many  Indo- American scientists got’Presidential early career Awards’2012 ?

  Answer : four


1.Who won the AT & T golf Tournament on 1 July 2012 ?

Answer : Tiger woods

2.who was the winner of “UEFA Eurocup Foot ball championship”?

Answer : Spain

3.The rishcest domestic golf event in the country costs ?

Answer : Rs.1.25 crores

4.M.R .Venkatesh became the grand master chess tournament event at ?

Answer :  USA

5.How many gold medals won by india in aAsian wrestlers cadet championship ay Bishket?

Answer :  5

6. Who won British Grand prix in Formula 1?

Answer : Webber

7. Who won Monsoon Regatta sailing championship held at hyderabad ?

Answer : saravanan

8.Who is the swiss National won 7 WimbeldonTitles ?

Answer :  Roger Federer

9.Who is the south African wicket keepeer announced retirement aftera an eye injury?

Answer : Mark Boucher

10. Highest number of doping tests were conducted in which games ?

Answer :  London Olympic Games 2012

11. Who sets another National record of 50 m breast stroke event in 35.42 seconds ?

Answer : Jaya veena

12. Who is the fastest bowler from Australia retired recently from International cricket?

Answer :Brett Lee

13. Who will be the India’s flag -bearer in London Olympics

Answer : Sushil kumar

14. Who won Swedish open title in Men’s Singles ?

Answer : David Ferrer

15. Who Won Scottish Golf Open on 16 Juy 2012 ?

Answer : Jeev Mailkha

16. West Classic Title won by ?

Answer :  Serena Williams

17.Who is the first saouth Africa but man to score a triple century?

Answer : Hashima Amla

18. The Gagan Narang associated with which game ?

Answer : Air Rifle


1.Tata AIG wants to merge in ?

Answer : Tata AIA Life

2.Which facility was launched by RBI for G-secs trading ?

Answer :   Web based system for online trading

3.To whom ICICI bank sold its debt in Kingfisher ?

Answer :  Srei arm

4.India stod on which position in the production of pharma products .

Answer : 3rd largest producer

5.India falls in which place for the most preferred destination as reported by UNCTAD?

Answer : 3rd

6. what are the 5 states to build 9,000 km of rural roads to connect through?

Answer :  Assam,Chattigarh, Madhya praedesh, orissa & West Bengal

7. How many crores Coal India LTD wants to Invest on Rail  Infrastructure in 3 states ?

Answer : 7,500 crores


1.Which plants Reactor is going to restart in Japan after a huge Earth Quake ?

Answer :  Ohi Nuclear plant

2.The Zebrafish research facility is availabale at ?

Answer :  CCMB

3.What is the alternative source of stem cell ?

Answer : Amniotic stem cell

4.What is the HIV test that rcently got FDA permission ?

Answer :  Ora Quick Test

5.What is “God Particle”?

Answer :  a sub-atomic Particle

6. ‘Chang’e-3’ mission to moon by ?

Answer :  China

7. What is the anti-HIV drug, first approved by USFDA?

Answer :  Truvada

8. Brahmos Missile has been inducted in all the three wings of Indian armed forces but not in ?

Answer : Russia


1. Who is newly elected president of mexico?

Answer :  Enrique Nieto

2. Who is the newly appointed as controller General of accounts ?

Answer : Jawahar Thakur

3. Who is appointed as additional secretary and financial advisor in the ministry of steel

Answer : E.k.Bharat Bhushan

4. Who is the 1st woman MD in India of US food company Heinz’s ?

Answer : Seema Modi

5. who is the new CEO of yahoo!

Answer :   Marissa Mayer

6.Which country’s New envoy key Karzai Aid to India ?

Answer : Afghanistan

7.Who has been appointed as the Standing committee members of Rajya sabha ?

Answer :  Sachin & Rekha

8. Who has been appointed as the firsts chancellor for  Nalanda University?

Answer : Amertya sen

9. Who is the new president of Ghana ?

Answer : John Dramani Mahama,

10. Who is the new Secretary of President Pranab ?

Answer :   Omita Paul

b) Resigns

 1.In which fraud the Barclays bank was involved?

Answer : Fraud of manipulating global benchmark lending rates

2. Who resigned as karnataka CM ?

Answer :Mr sadananda Gowda


 1. Who is the Tamil Language computing championship away recently ?

Answer : Anto peter

2.Truvada , the first anti HIV drug approvedby USFDA was developed by _____?

Answer : Antonin Holy

3.Veteran Socialist leader who died on 17 July 2012 ?

Answer :   Mrinal Gore

4.Who is the first US woman to travel into space?

Answer :  sally Ride

5.Who was the head of women’s regiment of subhasg chandra Bose’s Indian National Army(INA)?

Answer : Lakshmi sehgal


 1. which country S. M Krishna external affairs Minister of India visited recently om 1July?

Answer : Tajikistan

2.Who is the Indian Envoy to visit Tibet after 10 years ?

Answer : S.Jaishakar

3. The UN envoy who visited syria  on 9 July 2012 is ?

Answer : Kofi annan


1.The President of which country won 5times as a president ?

Answer : Ice land

2.What is the nickname of the south Philippines Crocodile which enters in Guinness world Record as largest in Captivity in the world ?

Answer :   Lolong

3. Oldest Meteor Impact was found in ?

Answer : Green Land

4.What is the name of the world’s smallest fly?

Answer :   Eury platea nanaknihali

5. What is the name of the Europe’s tallest builifing ?

Answer : shard

6. How many days logged by Hillary clinton on the road , since 2009 ?

Answer :   351 days

7. Who is the Anglo Indian to vote in Presidential election in 2012 ?

Answer : Derek o’Brian, a Trinamool congress M.P


1. World Population Day is observed on ?

Answer : July 11

2. Parents Day is Obeserved on ?

Answer : July 2


1.Which book was written by Journalist Khalid A-H Ansari?

Answer : Sachin:Born to Bat

2. Which book was released recently by D.Subba Rao RBI Governor in chennai on July 4 ?

Answer : Indian Banking Expectations

3. what is the name of the Book released by Rahul Dravid is ?

Answer :  Timeless Steel

4.What is the title of the book released on hockey Olympics?

Answer : Profiles of Indian Hockey Olympics


1.Which committee was appointed by PM for the alternative route for sethu samudram ?

Answer :    R.K.Pachuri expet committee

2. Which committee was set up by the kapil sibal to analyze the cartoons in NCERT text books

Answer : Thorat committee

3. Mr . Kris Gopala Krishna Executive co- chariman of ?

Answer : Infosys

4. P.M Constituted an expert committee to prepare and finalize guidelines for ?

Answer : GAAR norms

5. SSTCG Committee to Coordinate among _____?

Answer : Security Agencies

Places in News

1. Which region in Russia faced floods on 7 July 2012 ?

Answer : Russia’s southern Krasnodar

2. what is the main origin of the earth quake struck in Northern India on 11 July ?

Answer :   Hindhukush

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