1.India joined recently in which council of nations in Geneva on June 1st?

Answer:  UNHRC

2. Who is the Ex-President of Egypt sentenced to life imprisonment ?

Answer: Hosni Mubarak

3.What is the company that is recently bought by google

Answer: Meebo

4. The defence secretary of which country visited India recently to discuss china’s growing assertiveness

Answer: U.S

5.What is the prize money given for Noble prize?

Answer:  10million crowns

6.What is the organization that conducts auction on Gandhi’s memorabilia?

Answer:  Sotheby’s London

7. Who is the new President of Egypt ?

Answer:  Mohammed Morsey

8. Who is newly appointed Saudi Arabian Prince ?

Answer: Prince salmon Bin Abdul Aziz

9.The PM of Pakistan who was disqualified by court of Prime Minister-ship recently, is ?

Answer: Yusuf Raza Gilani

10. Who is the new PM of Greece ?

Answer:  Antoni Samara

11.The Oracle CEO, who bought Hawaii’s sixth largest island,Lanai , is ?

Answer:   Larry Ellison

12.Who was the Kenya’s Internal security minister killed in helicopter crash on 10 June 2012?

Answer: George Saitoti

13. Which Agency given the list of failed state Index ?

Answer: Foreign policy agency

14. Which party Parvez Ashraf belongs to?

Answer:  Pakistan peoples party

15. Who is elected as the president of Egypt ?

Answer: Islamic Mohamed Mursi

16. Who is composed the official song for London 2012 Olympics?

Answer:   Muse

17. Which country’s court held US health care Law of constitution ?

Answer:  U.S


1.India allowed which country in  FDI?

Answer:   pakistan

2. who is indo- american  elected as the 2nd highest court of US?

Answer:  srikanth srinivasan

3.Who is the richest sports person in India according to Forbe’s list of World’s 100 richest sports person ?

Answer:  M.S.Dhoni

4. In the 7th G-20 summit ,how much contribution did India made to IMF’s bailout Fund ?

Answer:  10million US Dollars

5. Which company want to invest 1.5billion euros to set up 25 stores in the country under single brand retail FDI?

Answer: IKEA


1.who is the artist recently called off the Israel visit to disapprove Israeli policies?

Answer: Zakir Hussain

2.Which country stood 1st for the strongest annual growth rate according to the global survey by knight frank ?

Answer:  Brazil

3. What is the name of only country where the world’s largest selling soap brand is being launches as deodorant ?

Answer: India

4.Which computer educator creates India’s first 3D ad film ?

Answer: Aptech

5.Who is the president of NASSCOM?

Answer: Som Mittal


1.Who won in the by-elections of A.P?

Answer: Y.S.R Congress party

2.What is the sex ratio of urban girls out of 1000 boys according to 2011 census in A.P state ?

Answer: 946

3.India’s first River-lake link project launched In ?

Answer:  Bundelkhand

4.Which state Government announced an un-employment scheme ?

Answer: Rajasthan


1. Indian science congress held at ?

Answer: Kolkatta

2.What is the name of the alternative International AIDS conference held by India ?

Answer:  Dubar Mahila Samanway samiti (DMSS)

3.Who inaugurated the 28th Annual conference of chief commissioners and Directors General of Income Tax in the capital?

Answer: Pranab Mukharjee

4.Rio+20 earth summit took place at ?

Answer: Rio de Janeiro


1.who is the first Indian to receive Wisden India outstanding achievement award?

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

2. Who awarded as the Best actor in IIFA awards?

Answer: Ranbir Kapoor

3. Which Organization got wins Effie award ?

Answer: Ogilvy Mumbai

4) Who got Mexican Honour from India during G-20 summit ?

Answer: R.K.Pachauri

5.Which organization received “2012 World Business & Development Award”  ?

Answer: ITC

6. which organization awarded as G20 challenge award for Medicare?

Answer: Apollo

7.Who bagged the “Entrepreneur of the year award,2012” of Hyderabad Management Association?

K.Ravi, M.D of NCL industries

7. Ratan Tata was recently honoured for his innovation in philanthropy by _______

Answer: Rockefeller foundation Life Time achievement award


1.Who won ITF men’s future title, which held in Mandya karanataka on June 2nd  2012 ?

Answer: Saket Myneni

2.Who won on June 4 a golden Medal in prost pree elite women’s discus throw event, where she belong s to Russia ?    Answer:  Darya Pischalnikova

3.who won the French open title 2012 in mixed doubles?

Answer:  Bhupati-sania

4. Euro cup is organized by

Answer: UEFA

5. Who won the 2012 French Open title in Men’s singles?

Answer:  Nadal

6.Who is the Indian Cricketer appointed as a brand ambassador of Nepal cricket Association?

Answer:  M.S.Dhoni

7. Who is the First woman to win 3 tittles of Indonesia open super series in  India badminton history?

Answer: Saina Nehwal

8.Who is the Indian Hockey goal Keeper suspended recently for being positive in the doping test?

Answer: Adrin D’souza

9.Who won bronze in Junior women’s meeting of shooting hopes Championship concluded at Plzen in Czench Republic on 10 June ?

Answer: Tejaswini

10.Who won the 800m race in Diamond league meet with a time of one minute 41.74 seconds ?

Answer: Rudisha

11. Who shared the title with humpy in the FIDE women’s Grand Pix ?

Answer: Anna Muzychuk

12.Who is organizes the Wimbledon Championship?

Answer:  All England Club

13.The country which is going to sent women athletes in the Olympics for the first time ever

Answer: Saudi

14.Who is the first amputee runner to compete at the Olympic games ,2012?

Answer: Oscar Pistorius


1.Bihar topped in Gross State domestic product with which percent Growth in 2011-12?

Answer:    13.1

2.Which Federation stated 10 point agenda for economic survival of India ?

Answer: CII (The confederation of Indian Industry)

3. Which rating agency downgraded 15 of the world’s biggest banks on 21 June ?

Answer:  Moody

4.Which organization set the norms for listing SEs?

Answer: SEBI

5.What is the current limit of foreign investment in government bonds?

Answer:  20 billion dollar


1.which vegetable’s genome was sequenced completely in 2012?

Answer:  Tomato

2. what is the name of the missile test fired by the Pakistan recently.

Answer: Haft VII(babur)
3.When did the largest solar flare occurred ?

Answer: March 7.2012

4.Where the largest database of martian impact creates on Mars is ?

Answer: At the university of Colorado

5.who is the first woman Astronaut of china sent into space ?

Answer:  Liu Yang

6.Fourth human spaceflight shenzhon-9 was launched into space by which country in 2012 ?

Answer: China

7.What is the technology that is currently being used in India to detect cyclones and Tsunamis, implemented by NIO & ISRO

Answer: Aerial Microwave Radar Gauge

8.What is the first country where German house was started for the first time ?

Answer:  U.S


1.Who is appointed as the IAF’s western Air command chief ?

Answer:  Arup Raha

2.Who is appointed as the new chairman of LIC ?

Answer:   Dinesh Kumar Mehrotra

3.Who is the cricketer taken oath as a  Rajya sabha MP recently on June 4?

Answer: Sanchin Tendulkar

4.Who is recently appointed as navy chief?

Answer: D.K.Joshi

5.who retired as CEC recently?

Answer: S.Y.Qureshi

6. who appointed as  the head of DGH ?

Answer: R.N.Chaubey

7.Present deputy governor who reappointed recently of RBI ?

Answer:  K.C.Chakrabarty

8. Who is the new CEO of Tata Global ?

Answer: Harish Bhat

9.Who is the chairman of FAI- south ?

Answer: K.Rahul raju

10 . who is new chief of ICC ?

Answer:  Alan Isaac

11. who is the new commissioner of Delhi Police after B.K.Gupta ?

Answer: Neeraj Kumar

12. Who is appointed as the US ambassador to Myanmar ?

Answer:   Derek Mitchell

b) Resigns 

1. who resigned as the commerce secretary of president Obama ?

Answer:  John E. Bryson

2.Who is the union minister for micro,small and medium enterprises resigned recently on fraud corruption charges   Answer:  Virbadra Singh


1. Who is the first women to win Nobel Prize in Economics ?

Answer: Elinor Ostrom

2.The first boxer to win the first olympic gold medal,who died  recently?

Answer: Teofila Stevenson

3. Mehdi Hassan, how died recently is a ______ by profession?

Answer:    Ghazal Singer

4.Who is national secretary of CITU died recently?

Answer: Dipankar Mukherjee


1.Which place visited by PM Manmohan after 2 summits ?

Answer: Pretoria

2.Who is the US Defence secretary visited india recently ?

Answer: Leon Pnetta


1. Britain Queen Elizabeth-II celebrated her diamond Jubilee at ?

Answer:   Thames ,London

2.Who is the Japanese mountaineer climbs the world’s 14 tallest mountains ?

Answer: Hirotaka Takeuchi

3. Who won Indian Spell Bee by spelling word “Belligerent” conducted by Times of India ?

Answer:    Samvida Venkatesh

4.Who beat the R.J.Rolling book harry potter record of fastest selling in a week?

Answer: Erika Mitchell


1.The world’s environment day is celebrated on
Answer:    5th June

2. Refusee Day is obeserved on ?

Answer: 21st June


1. Abdul kalam “Turning points” is a sequel of ?

Answer: Wings of fire

2.What is the book released about L.K.Advani?

Answer:   Those were the day and then -The Life & times of L.K.Advani


1.Who headed the (GTA) high power committee?

Answer: Retire Justice Shyamal sen

Places in News

1.Which country faced earth quake of Magnitude of 5.9 rector scale on June 4.
Answer:   Indonesia Sumitra island

2.What is the happiest place on earth as announced the new Economics Foundations Happy Planet Index ?

Answer: costa Rica


1.IUCN stands for ?

Answer:  International Union for Conservation of Nature

2.ESI stands for ?

Answer:   Environmental Sustainable Index

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