1) According to EU new Nuclear Safety rules ,for how many years European countries to submit to an international review of their nuclear power systems to fix any discovered shortcomings ?
Ans:- Six

2) What is the name of the whistleblower who exposed the US Government’s internet spy program and who is being wanted by the CIA presently?
Ans:- Edward Snowden

3) Which country recently became the first European and NATO member country to make military services obligatory for males as well as the females?
Ans:- Norway

4) Which country Lower House Parliament on 11 June 2013 approved the anti-gay bill that bans providing children any information about homosexuality in the country ?
Ans:- Russia

5) World leaders on 8 June 2013 signed a global agreement to fight malnutrition in children and made commitments of up to 4.15 billion dollars to tackle under nutrition up to ——— ?
Ans:- 2020

6) Which South American country witnessed tens of thousands of protestors taking part in marches and demonstrations in large cities of the country on 17 June 2013?

Ans:- Brazil

7) Which country parliament in the month of  June 2013 passed a bill to ensure the voting rights of the displaced people in the North ?
Ans:- Sri Lanka


1) On 18 June 2013 India signed an agreement for loan of 255 million US dollars with World Bank for the ———— ?
Ans:- National AIDS Control Project (NACP-IV

2) According to the recently released UN report “World Population Prospects – 2012”, by which year India would surpass China to become the most populous country in the World?
Ans:- 2028

3) Which country and India agreed to enhance cooperation in oil and hydrocarbon sector ?
Ans:- Iraq

4) ) Which country Competition and Consumer Commission and Competition Commission of India (CCI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Cooperation at Canberra ?
Ans:- Australia

5) Which country planned to introduce a new scheme under which Indians and Pakistanis are required to pay 4600 US dollars more for visa ?
Ans:- Britain

6) The Union Government of India on 22 June 2013 planned to introduce Visa-on-Arrival facilities for the ————- ?
Ans:- Chinese nationals


1) In a landmark judgment on 3 June 2013, which commission held that political parties are answerable to citizens under the Right to Information Act (RTI Act)?
Ans:- Central Information Commission (CIC)

2) In the month of June 2013 Union Health Ministry launched free medicine scheme.what is the name of the Scheme ?
Ans:- Free Drug Service’ and ‘Free Diagnostics Service’

3) What was the total foreign tourist arrival in India during 2012, as stated in the latest tourist immigration data of the Bureau of Immigration?
Ans:- 6.57 million

4) Which administrative division of the country has recorded no rape of minors since 2007, as stated in data of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) released recently?
Ans:- Lakshdweep

5) BSNL decided to put an end to the 160 years old Telegram Services in India from ———— ?
Ans:- 15 July 2013

6) Which party on 16 June 2013 broke away its 17 year old alliance with National Democratic Allaince (NDA) led by BJP in Bihar?
Ans:- Janta Dal United (JD(U)

7) CCEA on 21 June 2013 decided to extend the ———–for the 12th Five-Year Plan period in order to strengthen the distribution sector
Ans:- R-APDR


1) What were the results of the bypolls for 4 Lok Sabha seats, results for which were declared on 5 June 2013?
Ans:-  BJP-2, RJD-1, TMC-1

2) Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda on 6 June 2013 sought the status of mega cities for two cities of the state, which are part of the NCR. Which cities are these?
Ans:- Gurgaon and Faridabad

3) What was the name given to an operation launched by the Indian Air Force (IAF) to rescue stranded pilgrims in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh?
Ans:-  “Operation Rahat”

4) Which state government on 13 June 2013 signed MoU with the (IRCTC) Ltd for a scheme as per which it will bear all the expenses for senior citizens to go on select pilgrimages ?
Ans:- Rajasthan

5) Recently government decided to set up India’s highest Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) at Nyoma, Leh district of which Indian State?
Ans:- Jammu and Kashmir

6) Which state government on 11 June 2013 amended the  Police Act, 1963 ?
Ans:- Karnataka

7) Which state Agricultural University in Month of June 2013 launched a Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) to improve productivity of water, land and labour ? Ans:- Tamil Nadu

8) Tripura’s first gas-based power plant was commissioned on 21 June 2013 by President Pranab Mukherjee. Where in Tripura is this plant situated?
Ans:- Palatana


1) The 39th Summit of G-8 (Group of Eight Developed Nations) was held on 17 and 18 June 2013 at ——– ?
Ans:- Lough Erne, Northern Ireland

2) Which Indian city will host the 29th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (India chapter) to be held here in November 2013?
Ans:- Kochi, Kerala


1) Who is the Malaysian author won the “Walter Scott Prize 2013″ ?
Ans:- Tan Twan Eng

2) Which country advertising agencies grabbed gold and bronze lions in Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2013 ?
Ans:- India

3) International Data Group’s  Computerworld Honours Program, Computerworld Honors Laureate selected UIDAI for 21st Century Achievement Award 2013 under the category ————– ?
Ans:- Economic Development

4) How many awards India got at the third SAARC Film Festival in Colombo ?
Ans:- Three

5) What is the name of the Indian short film has won the ’Yellow Oscar’ award at the Uranium Film Festival at Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil ?
Ans:- High Power

6) Who is the Legal activist received the India abroad publisher’s special award for excellence 2012 ?
Ans:- Amrit Singh

7) Which country film ” The Major ” won Golden Goblet on 23 June 2013 for best feature film at the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival ?
Ans:- Russia


1) Who won the US Open Golf  title on 17 June 2013 ?
Ans:- Justin Rose ,England

2) Who won French Open Men’s singles title 2013 ?
Ans:- Rafael Nadal

3) Who won the Indonesia Badminton Tournament Men’s Singles title 2013 ?
Ans:- Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia)

4) Which Indian pair won silver medal at the World Cup (Stage-II) Archery competition in Turkey on 16 June 2013?
Ans:- Rajat Chouhan and Manjudha Soy

5) India won the ICC Champions Trophy for 2013 on 23 June 2013 by defeating the hosts England by 5 runs in the final played at Edgbaston. Who was awarded the Golden Bat for his consistent performance throughout the series?
Ans:- Shikhar Dhawan

6) Who won the Silver medal for India at the 3rd China Open boxing tournament on 22 June 2013 ?
Ans:- Manjeet Singh

7) Who won the 8th Tal Chess Championship 2013, which concluded on 23 June 2013 at Moscow?
Ans:- Boris Gelfand (Russia)


1) Which global rating agency on 12 June 2013 revised India’s sovereign credit outlook from negative to stable, thus bringing cheer to the union government?
Ans:- Fitch

2) Tata Coffee, the largest plantation company of Asia on 19 June 2013 inaugurated the premium extraction plant at ———– ?
Ans:- Theni near Madurai in Tamil Nadu

3) Which bank in Zurich on 20 June 2013 unveiled that the Indian money in Swiss banks dropped to record low at 9000 crore Rupees ?
Ans:- Swiss National Bank (SNB)

4) The World Bank report released on 3 June 2013 forecasted that India and China will become largest investors of the world in the year ——- ?
Ans:-  2030

5) Which country on 3 June added some more items, including gems and jewellery to its list of items prohibited for trade with North Korea,directly or indirectly ?
Ans:- India

6) The government hiked the import duty on Gold and Platinum on 05 June 2013. What is the present import duty?
Ans:- 8 percent

7) How many mini LIC offices were inaugurated by Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on 25 June 2013?
Ans:- 300


1) Where the early Tsunami warning system was installed to predict a tsunami immediately after an earthquake?
Ans:-Rangachang in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

2) China recently achieved an incredible breakthrough in diverting river water to its arid areas by linking two mighty rivers. Which are these two rivers?
Ans:- Yangtze and Huang He

3) Which pain killer drug’s production, sales and distribution was banned in India by the union govt. on 12 June 2013?
Ans:- Dextropropoxyphene

4) Name the fastest Super Computer in the world which was announced recently, developed by China?
Ans:- Tianhe-2

5) Recently Venus Remedies Limited, the global pharmaceutical company received novel antibiotic product Potentox patented from ——– ?
Ans:-  Mexico

6) Name the Boieng series Aircraft received by Indian Air Force from United States on 18 June 2013?
Ans:- Boeing C-17 Globemaster III Aircraft

7) Which is India’s fastest supercomputer according to the recently released TOP500 list of World’ Fastest Supercomputers?
Ans:- iDataPlex



1) Who was appointed as the new Chief Executive of the Federation of International Cricketers’ Association (FICA) on 6 June 2013?
Ans:- Paul Marsh

2) Who is the new secretary of the BCCI, announcement about whom was done by the BCCI Working Group’s chief Jagmohan Dalmiya on 6 June 2013?
Ans:- Sanjay Patel

3) Who has been appointed as the chairman and managing director of the public sector foodgrains distribution company – Food Corporation of India (FCI) on 5 June 2013 ?
Ans:- C Viswanath

4) Who is the chairman of Swedens Stampen Media Group has been elected president of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers ( WAN- IFRA) on 5 June 2013 ?
Ans:- Tomas Brunegard

5) Who replaced Ms. Aruna Roy in the 12-member National Advisory Council (NAC), an advisory body led by Sonia Gandhi?
Ans:- Virginius Xaxa

6) Which India-born person recently became the first non-white journalist to run a UK national newspaper?
Ans:- Amol Rajan

7) Who was appointed the new Railway Minister in the cabinet reshuffle done on 17 June 2013?
Ans:- Mallikarjun Kharge

8) Who was appointed as the Nodal Officer for relief and rescue operations in the rain-ravaged Uttarakhand by the Union Government on 21 June 2013?
Ans:- VK Duggal

9) Who was nominated as the next Director of US investigative agency – the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)?
Ans:- James Comey


1) Who is the Czech Republic prime ministe has resigned from his post on 17 June 2013 ?
Ans:- Petr Necas


1) Who is the world’s oldest person (116-year-old) from Japan died on 12 June 2013 in Tokyo ?
Ans:- Jiroemon Kimura

2) Name the Tamil actor-director who passed away on 15 June 2013 at his residence in Chennai ?
Ans:-  Manivarnnan

3) Name the Veteran CPI leader who passed away in Amritsar on 15 June 2013?
Ans:- Satya Pal Dang


1) Recently the Union External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid visited a foreign country, which is the first visit of any Minister from Indian Union to that country after 23 years. Identify the country?
Ans:- Iraq


1) Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf was on 13 June 2013 formally arrested on charges of murder of which popular leader of Balochistan during 2006?

Ans:-  Akbar Bugti

2) On 23 June 2013 who became the first person to successfully cross the Grand Canyon on a tightrope?
Ans:-  Nik Wallenda


1)  Which state of India on 17 June 2013 stuck by severe flash floods and landslides?
Ans:- Uttrakhand

2) In June 2013 Dubai inaugurated the tallest twisted tower of the world called ———- ?
Ans:- Cayan Tower


1) What is the the full form of ‘WSA’ ?

Ans:- World Steel Association


1) Who is the author of ” Ambedkar Speaks ” ?
Ans:- Dr. Narendra Jadhav


1) Who was appointed as the head of a newly constituted committee to examine aspects related indecent portrayal of women in mass media ?
Ans:-  K Ratnaprabha

2) The first meeting of the Cauvery Supervisory Committee was held on 8 June 2013 which decided to review the position of storage levels.Who headed this committee?
Ans:- S.K. Sarkar ,Union Water Resources Secretary


1) ‘ World Environment Day ‘ is observed on —- ?
Ans:- June 5

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