1. Who winner of the Venezuelan Presidential elections?

Ans:- Nicolas Maduro

2. When the US House of Representatives has passed the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protect Act (CISPA)?

Ans:-18 April 2013

3. Who is the present Italy’s President?

Ans:-Giorgio Napolitano

4. Who is the present President of Paraguay’s?

Ans:-Horacio Cartes

5. Which country is the first country in Europe to outlaw discrimination on caste?


6. Which of the two counries have singned for 51 joint projects worth two billion US dollars?

Ans:- Cuba and Venezuela

7. Who got the life ban from any elections in Pakistan by Peshawar high court?

Ans:- Musharraf


1.Who won the Spelling Championship title held in Singapore?

Ans:-Ashwin Kumar


1. When the Cabinet Committee was approved for 13 power projects that involves investment of 33000 crore rupees?

Ans:- 22 April 2013


1. What is the name of the online service launched the Andhra Pradesh Government for entrepreneurs and grievance redressal system?

Ans:- Parishkaram for Enterpreneurs


1. Who won the  Prestigious “2013 Templeton Prize “?

Ans:-Desmond Tutu

2. Which film won the best film award in The Times of India Film Awards?

Ans:- Barfi

3. Who is the Indian-American got the Baby Noble prize(John Bates Clark young economist award)for the year 2013?

Ans:- Raj Chetty

4. According to Skytrax-World Airport Awards,which Airport rated as the fifth best regional airport in Asia?

Ans:- Rajiv Gandhi International Airpor,Hyderabad

5. Who received the Queen’s Award on 20 April 2013?

Ans:-Kartar Lalvani

6. Who will honoured with Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Award on 30 April 2013?

Ans:- Pran Krishan Sikand

7. Who will get the Kirti  Chakra from President on 30 April 2013?

Ans:- Anup Joseph


1. Who got the Gold medal in ISSF World Cup in Korea on 5 April 2013?

Ans:- Rahi Sarnobat

2. Which country won the T-20 International Series between India and Bangladesh?


3. Which country won the women One-Day International Series bewteen India and Bangladesh?


4. Who is head of the committe announced a ban on two Pakistani umpires over spot-fixing?

Ans:- Zaka Ashraf

5. Who won the Augusta 77th Masters Golf Tournament?

Ans:- Adam Scott

6. Who won the gold medal in men`s 55kg category in  the Senior Asian Wrestling Championship in New Delhi on 20 April 2013?

Ans:- Amit Kumar

7. Who won the Monte Carlo Masters title on 21 April 2013?

Ans:-Novak Djokovic

8. Who won the gold medal in Men’s 66kg Freestyle at New Delhi on 22 April 2013?

Ans:- Amit Kumar Dhankar

9. Who is Chennai Super Kings Skipper fined due his team slow over rate?

Ans:- Mahendra Singh Dhoni

10 . Who won the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix Title?

Ans:- Maria Sharapova


1. Which company developed the cheapest bike of the World in India?

Ans:- Yamaha

2. Accorrding to the Sunday Times Rich List 2013,who are the 20th richest persons in the world?

Ans:- Ambani Brothers


1. What is the name insects found in Australia having the capacity to kill the bacteria with their wing’s?


2. The Supreme Court of India on 1 April 2013 rejected the plea of Novartis, the Swiss drug maker, to patent the updated version of the cancer drug. What is the name of the drug?


3. Who developed a New Laser powered Camera System that can take image of any object from a distance of about one kilometer?

Ans:- researchers from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh

4. What is the name of the Satellite using the NASA to find earth like planets in the entire Space?

Ans:- TESS

5. Who discovered the Blue Super-Giant Starlocated in the constellation Virgo, far beyond our Milky Galaxy?

Ans:- Dr. duo Ananda Hota



1. Who is the present CII president?

Ans:- S.GopalaKrishnan

2. Who is the presnt Kenua President?


3. Who is the 20th president of Bangladesh?

Ans:- Abdul Hamid

4. Who is the present ICC Vice Chairman?

Ans:-Sunil Bharti Mittal

5. Who is the SAARC ambassador from India?

Ans:- Ajay Devgn

6. Who is the present ADB president?

Ans:- Takehiko Nakao

7. Who is the present PM of Italy?

Ans:-Enrico Letta


1. Who is the Palestinian Prime Minister resigned on 13 April 2013 after falling out with President Mahud Abbas?

Ans:- Salam Fayyad


1. Who is the Oscar, the Booker Prize winner novelist died on 3 April 2013?(

Ans:-Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

2. Who is the Former British Prime Minister died on April 8?

Ans:-Margaret Thatcher

3. Who is the first successful oral vaccination developer for polio died in Philadelphia on 11  April  2013?

Ans:-Dr Hilary Koprowski

4. Who is the Playback singer died on 14 April 2013?

Ans:- PB Srinivas

5. Who is the former woman CEC and former governor of Karnataka died on 17 April 2013?

Ans:-V. S. Ramadevi

6. Who is the Veteran journalist and managing director of Tamil daily Dina Thanthi  died on 20 April 2013?

Ans:-B Sivanthi Adithan

7. Who is the Mathematical genius also called as “human computer” died on 21 April 2013?

Ans:-Shakuntala Devi

8. Who is the former England Captain died on 19 April 2013?

Ans:- Mike Denness

9. Who is the former chief justice of India died on 22 April 2013 in New Delhi?

Ans:- JS Verma

10. Who is the Veteran violinist died on 22 April 2013 in Chennai?

Ans:-Lalgudi Jayaraman

11. Who is the Legendary singer died in Mumbai on 23 April 2013?

Ans:- Shamshed Begum

12 Who is the former Telugu Desam Minister died on 28 April 2013 in Hyderabad?

Ans:- Sripathi Rajeswara Rao

13. Who is the Police officer was attempting to cross the River Teesta in the state of West Bengal on 28 April 2013 for creating world record?

Ans:- Sailendra Nath Roy

14. Who is the Padma Shri award recipient and ONGC Chairman died in Hyderabad on 29 April 2013?

Ans:- Nuthakki Bhanu Prasad


1. Who is the first American teenager with Down’s syndrome to reach a Everst Base Camp?

Ans:- Eli Reimer

2. Who is the Nepali TV Anchor Made Guinness Record for longest talk show ?

Ans:- Rabi Lamichhane

3. Who is the Egypt PM sentenced to one-year jail in failing to implement a verdict to return privatised company to the state?

Ans:-Hesham Qandil

4. Who is the Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations at New York?

Ans:- Shri Asoke Kumar Mukerji


1. Who is the author of the book “Religion, Law & Society – Across the Globe”?

Ans:- Prof.Tahir Mahmood


1. What is the name of the committee established by the Government of India that will work as a ‘Single Window’ clearance system for International and domestic film projects?

Ans:- Uday Kumar committee

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