1) What is the political party of Ranil Singhe, who is the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?
Ans:- United Nations Party

2) Name the Islamic State militant group deputy chief who killed by the US air strike on August 22 in Northen Iraq?
Ans:- Fadil Ahmad al-Hayali

3) Name the Hakkani Hetwork Chief, whose name is included in the list of terrorism by America?
Ans:- Abdul Haziz Hakkani (Pakistan)

4) Which country and Pakistan signed deal worth 1.6 billion US dollars to implement China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project?
Ans:- China

5) Which country recently imposes anti-terror law that punishes ‘false’ reporting of attacks?
Ans:- Egypt

6) Which country and China begin joint military ecercise in sea of Japan?
Ans:- Russia


1) Who are the two persons from India are in the top 20 places in forbe’s list of Technology field?
Ans:- Ajim Premji, wipro Chairman & Shiv Nadar of HCL Technologies

2) Government of India approves MoU between India and which country to establish PACEsetter Fund?
Ans:- America

3) Which is the first institute to get natural heritage recognition by UNESCO as currently there are 9 C2C institutes related to cultural heritage?
Ans:- Wildlife Institute of India (WII) in Dehradun

4) Indian government aprroves pact with which country to curb black money ?
Ans:- Seychelles


1) What is the new policy introduced by central government in view of Raksha Bandhan?
Ans:- Suraksha Bandhan

2) What is the tele medicine program launched by the central government along with Appollo Hospitals on 25 August 2015?
Ans:- SEHAT – Social Endeavour for Health And Telemedicine

3) Which commission of India recommended for amending the constitution for right to basic care of children under six years?
Ans:- The Law Commission of India

4) Which scheme was launched by the Union Government on 10 August 2015 an initiative to bring students closer to nature?
Ans:- School Nursery Yojana

5) Which banana variety from Thrissur district of Kerala has been accorded Geographical Indication (GI) status by the Chennai based Central GI registry?
Ans:- Chengalikodan


1) What is the only company from India which is in the 7th place in Fortune’s ‘Change the World’ List ?
Ans:- Jain Irrigation Systems of Maharashtra

2) Which district in India has highest number of e-toilets in its schools?
Ans:- Nellore

3) Which of the following states is going to become the first state in the country to launch ‘agrosolar policy’?
Ans:- Gujarat

4) Which state HC stays implementation of compulsory voting Act in local polls?
Ans:- Gujarat


1) In the second summit of forun for India pacific Islands co-operation (FIPIC), which topic is discussed ?
Ans:- Environmental changes

2) What is the theme of Golobal call to Action Summit 2015 held on New Delhi ?
Ans:- Ending preventable child and material deaths


1) Which famous Urdu Author has been chosen for the first Jnangarima Manad Alankaran Award of Bharatiya Jnanpith?
Ans:- Shamim Hanfi

2) Who are the two persons selected for keerthi chakra, the gallentay award?
Ans:- Lt. Colnel Sanjenbam and Subedar Rajesh Kumar

3) Who was the Jharkhand additional SP and CRPF officer won the police Medal for Gallentry (PMG) for the seventh time?
Ans:- Prakash Ranjan Mishra

4) Name the person selected for Arjuna award in the field of weight lifting?
Ans:- Satish Kumar


1) Who is the Chess Player from Andhra Pradesh won the Gold Medal in under – 18 Asia Youth Chess Championship?
Ans:- N. Krishna Teja

2) Who is first in the world’s highest paid Athlet’s list of forbe’s Magazine?
Ans:- Flyod Mayweather (Boxer)

3) Who ranks second in the forbe’s women’s list of world’s highest paid Athlets?
Ans:- Serena Williams

4) Who won the title of world Badminton Championship held on 16th August, 2015 in Jakarta?
Ans:- Carolina Marin (Spain)

5) Who has been elected as the new president of world Athletics Federation on 19 August, 2015?
Ans:- Sebastian Coe


1) With the devaluation of Yuan in the market the Indian rupee lost howmuch value against us dollar?
Ans:- 64.78 per cent (nearly 2 year low)

2) Who was the new chief of IDBI Bank?
Ans:- Kishore Karat Piraji

3) According which act RBI relaxed Branch Authorisation Policy to allow banks to merge or close branches in urban areas?
Ans:- Section 23 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949

4) RBI grants approval to how many applicatants to set up payment banks?
Ans:- 11


1) What is the newly discovered planet by NASA’s kepler mission?
Ans:- Kepler – 453 b

2) At which of the following places has India’s first Integrated Underwater Harbour Defence and Surveillance System (IUHDSS) been commissioned?
Ans:- Kochi

3) Asia’s biggest telescope Multi-Application Solar Telescope (MAST) was inaugurated at which of the following places recently?
Ans:- Udaipur , India

4) Recently, which of the following Companies has commercially launched the high-speed 4G services across 296 towns across India?
Ans:- Bharti Airtel

5) Recently NASA spacecraft finds neon gas on which planet?
Ans:- Moon



1) Name the new CEO of Google, who is from India?
Ans:- Sunder Pichai

2) Who was appointed as the new Election Commissioner on 13th August 2015 by the government?
Ans:- OM Prakash Rawat

3) Name the newly appointed CEO of Association of Mutual funds of India (AMFI) on 17 August, 2015?
Ans:- CVR Rajendran

4) Who was elected as President of Gymnastics Federation of India?
Ans:- Sudhakar Shetty


1) Name the Greek Prime Minister who resigned and called for early election on 20 August, 2015?
Ans:- Alexis Tsipras


1) Name the retired colnel who participated in World War II, passed away on 4 August 2015?
Ans:- Colnel Harwant Singh


1) Who is the Mozambique president visited India on 5 August 2015 ?
Ans:- Filipe Nyusi

2) Narendra Modi visited which great mosque in Abudhabi during his visit to UAE ?
Ans:- Sheikh Sayed Grand Mosque


1) Name the CEO of Snapchat who is the World’s Wealthiest Youngster under 25?
Ans:- Evan Spiegel

2) Name the world’s oldest person who is in Guiness records recently ?
Ans:- Yasutaro Koide (Japan)

3) Which Senior actor and director has been selected as new chairman of Bharat Oscar Jury on 24 August, 2015?
Ans:- Amol Plakar

4) Which global satellite was proposed to be named after Abdul Kalam?
Ans:- GlobalSat for DRR

5) Who was appointed as a Maharashtra ambassador for the “Save the Tiger” campaign and promote tiger tourism?
Ans:- Amitabh Bachchan


1) Who is the first person to upload a picture of Taj Moments in Twitter?
Ans:- Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav

2) The “Arabica” Coffee of Vishaka agency won which award on 25 August 2015?
Ans:- “International Fine cup of coffee”

3) Which of the following airports became the world’s first airport to operate on solar power?
Ans:- Cochin International Airport


1) What is the full form of FIPIC ?
Ans:- Forum for India Pacific Islands Co operation

2) What is the full form of AMFI ?
Ans:- Association of Mutual Funds of India


1) What is the Classic Gujarati Novel, that is translated into English after 128 years?
Ans:- Saraswathichandra


1) Union Government constitutes 3-member panel to assess situation in FTII. Who is head of this panel?
Ans:- SM Khan


1) Which day is celebrated on August 15 ?
Ans:- Indian Independence Day

2) International Lefthanders Day is observed on which date ?
Ans:- August 13

3) Women’s Equality Day is observed on which date ?
Ans:- August 26

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