1. How many  EU states had signed the pact for budget discipline on 2 March 2012 ?

Answer: 25 states

2. Who is the Asia ‘s richest man according to the forbes list ?

Answer: LI Ka Shing

3. Which are the most ethical firms of the world according to the report revealed by the Ethical Institute’s ?

Answer: Tata & Wipro

4. Which is world’s largest art, antiques market owing country ?

Answer: China

5. Which country gave a call to boycott American products recently for voting against a resolution?

Answer: Srilanka



1.Who is the Arab League head , who discussed on the issue of Syrian fate failed recently held in Cairo on 3 March2012?

Answer: Nabil Elaraby

2. Who had inaugurated the trade show in Jakarta by India,  to reach the target of $ 25 billion by 2015 ?

Answer: Mr. Anand Sharma

3. Where was the Indo-Israel free trade agreement meeting was held recently?

Answer: Hyderabad



1.Which are the two new missiles developed by defense research & development laboratory handed over to Navy & IAF on 3 March 2012?

Answer: Torpedo & Akash

2. Who is the next Army cheif for the Indian Army after the retirement of Gen.V.K.Singh on 31 May 2012?

Answer: Lt,Gen.Bikram singh

3. Who is Asia’s richest woman with a net worth of $ 12billion in our country?

Answer: Savitri Jindal

4. Who is the Foreign minister of Italy who has been camping in India relating with two Italian Marines recently?

Answer: Staffan De Misture

5. How many new trains had been introduced by the railway minister in Railway budget 2012-13?

Answer: 75

6. Which company had opened centre of excellence for oracle recently for IT services and business solutions ?

Answer: Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS)

7. Name the project which had been sanctioned 423crore rupees loan assistance in Gujarat from NABARD

Answer: Narmada link project



1. Which state recorded the highest voting percentage in the history of election, which were held in the month of Feb in  five states recently?

Answer: Goa

2. Who is the first independent woman loco driver in SCR?

Answer: S. Satyavathi

3. What is the assets declared by Mayawati while her nomination for the Rajya Sabha recently?

Answer: 111.64 crore

4. Which is the plan , which was launched by the Chief minister of A.P Kiran Kumar recently?

Answer: SHG Linkage credit plan

5. From which place in Andhra Pradesh the first International flight took off recently?

Answer: Visakhapatnam



1. Who inaugurated the 50th golden jubilee celebration of Afro-Asian Rural Development Organisation held in New Delhi recently?

Answer: Manmohan singh

2. In which place  the Turkey’s World Trade Bridge International Summit is going to be held ?

Answer: Istanbul

3. In which place was the International Monitory Fund Summit was held recently ?

Answer: New Delhi

4. Where was the second  conference of nuclear security summit held recently?

Answer: Seoul

5. Where will be the third Nuclear Security Summit is going to be held next year ?

Answer: Netherland



1. Who is the Telugu novelist, who had been awarded Kurra Kotisuryamma Memorial Award for his outstanding contribution to Telugu literature?

Answer: Bheemaraju Venkataramana

2. Who is the world’s tallest man, finally stopped growing after treated ?

Answer: Sultan Kosen

3. Who  had been awarded with Ugadi Puraskaram from the Andhra Pradesh Government recently?

Answer: P.Surya Rao

4. Who is the women, awarded with Nirmal Gram Puraskar for the year 2012 from Andhra Pradesh from the President Pratibha Patil recently?

Answer: Y.Chintamma

5.How many new World Records were set up in 12 hours by the former England cricketer Andrew Flintoff and Steve Harmison ?

Answer: 14

6. Who is the Hungarian Mathematician who has been awarded with Abel Prize for the year 2012?

Answer: Endre Szemere’de



1. To which place India dropped in ODI championship Table after losing their triangular series in Australia?

Answer: 3rd place

2. Who is cricket player who made 100 centuries in his career recently?

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

3. Who is the sportswoman from Andhra Pradesh ,who is going to represent India at the World Cup for Archery which is going to held in China in April 2012?

Answer: Jyothi Surekha

4. Who had won the BNP Paribas Women’s single title for the year 2012?

Answer: Victoria Azarenka

5. Who is the World’s no-1 ranking Golf player , Who had won the US PGA Transitions Championship held at Florida recently?

Answer: Luke Donald

6. Who had been the ‘Player of the Tournament’ in the Asia Cup 2012 held at Dhaka recently ?

Answer: Shakib Ali Hasan



1. What is the name of the new card product which was launched by ICICI bank for the super rich recently?

Answer: Sapphiro

2. In which place is Indian railways in World ranking?

Answer: Fourth place

3.What is the percentage of service tax , which had been raised in the budget 2012-13?

Answer: 12%

4.What is the per capita income of India for the year 2012-13 ?

Answer: Rs. 60972

5. Which country is the highest consumer of oil in per capita terms ?

Answer: United states

6. Which country stood at the least place in service sector ?

Answer: India

7.What is the per capita GDP of Qatar ?

Answer: 44.45 lakh

8. How much financial aid was granted by the World Bank to India ?

Answer: $4.3billion

9. Name the new equality saving scheme announced in the budget 2012-13 recently?

Answer: The Rajiv Gandhi Equality saving scheme



1. In how many planets in solar system life may exist according to the researchers ?

Answer: 5 Planets

2. What is the name of the second largest Moon of Saturn?

Answer: Rhea

3. What is the name of the submarine which had been taken as lease from Russia recently?

Answer: INS Chakra

4. Which type of Asprin was invented by the scientist to fight against Cancer?

Answer: Gas-filled



a) Appointments

1. Who is the new M.D for Hyundai Motors India , who was appointed recently?

Answer: Bo Shin Seo

2. Who is the New President of Germany , who has been elected recently?

Answer: Joachin Gauck

3. Who is the new Railway minister for UPA Government ?

Answer: Mukhul Roy

b) Resigns

1. Who is the Railway minister , who had resigned recently from the cabinet for raising the railway fares ?

Answer: Dinesh Trivedi

c) Deaths

1.Who is the philanthropist who died recently, vice chairman of Sankar foundation?

Answer: Sankar Rao

d) Visitors

1.Who is the Egypt Ambassador, who visited India for the  golden jubilee celebration of (AARDO)?

Answer: Mr.Ahmed Abulkheir

2. Who is the Turkish Ambassador who visited Hyderabad recently?

Answer: Dr.Burak Aklapar

3. Who is the managing director of International monitory fund ( IMF) , who visited India recently?

Answer: Christine Lagarde

4. Who is the Prime ministe of Canada who had visited Thailand recently?

Answer: Staphen Harper

5. Who is the US Secretary of commerce who visited India for  bilateral trade meeting ?

Answer: John Bryson

e) Miscellaneous

1. Who is Bollywood Actress to become the sixth Bollywood celebrity to be honoured with a wax likeness?

Answer: Madhuri Dixit



1. AIMA stands for ___________All India Management Association



1. Who had written the book ” Didi: A Political biography “of Mamata Benerjee recently?

Answer: Monobina Gupta

2. Russian court dismissed the plea seeking ban on which Holly Literature book translation recently ?

Answer: Bhagwad Gita


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