1.Who is the new president of Russia recently taken sworn?

Answer : Vladimir Putin

2. The Hamburg harbour celebrates how many years recently?

Answer: 823 years

3. Which company become number one mobile company in the world?

Answer:  Samsung

4.  Which country had discovered petroleum recently?

Answer: Bangladesh

5.Liberia’s president for his war crimes sentenced to jail for ?

Answer: 50years


1.What is the place where Pakistan lost nearly 140 soldiers after a masive avalannde entombed the Gayari army base recently?

Answer:  Siachen

2.Sahar signed an agreement to build and develop a new city in which country?

Answer: Bangladesh

3. India made dozen agreements with which country recently?

Answer:  Myanmar


1. The country with the greatest numbers of preterm birth with 35,19,100 is ________?

Answer:  India

2. Where was the statue of Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled recently?

Answer:  South Africa

3. What is the position of India in cyber crime according to report given by SDA?

Answer: fifth place

4. Where will be the 46th Asian Development Bank Meeting of 2013 will be held?

Answer: New Delhi

5. How many years were completed by our existing parliament after the first election held in 13 May 1952?

Answer: 60 years

6. What is the name of the TAPI gas pipeline project (TGPP) which originate from the Turkmenistan reaches to India via Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Answer: Peace pipeline

7. Whose death anniversary is observed as the Anti Terrorism Day?

Answer: Rajiv Gandhi

8. Osmania University Ranked ______ in the top 121 Universities in the country according to Nielsen survey

Answer: 6th


1.The Indian Institute of Chemical Technology  Hopes to Establish Deflouridation Plants in which states?

Answer : A.P & Rajasthan


 1. At which place the World Wildlife Fund summit is going to be held ?

Answer:   Brazil

2. Where was the NATO summit 2012 held for Three days recently ?

Answer:  Chicago


1. Who had been awarded Kalpana Chawla Excellence Award?

Answer : Miss Vinya Mishra & Sushma Seth

2. Who is the person from India got the prestigious International Jurists award?

Answer :  Mulayam Singh Yadav

3. Who has been conferred “The Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun” title recently?

Answer:   Ratan Tata

4. Who has been awarded the first Tagore Award for cultural harmony ?

Answer : Pt Ravi Shankar

5.who awarded in 65th cannes film festival as best actor ?

Answer:   Mads Mikkelsen

6. Rahul Battachary who is an Indian won British friction prize on ?

Answer:  Literature


1.Who had won the World Snooker Title for 2012 held at Sheffield?

Answer:  Ronnie O’Sullivan

2.What is the new national record set by Krishna Poonia atTrack crew Throwdown Meet recently in Hawaii?

Answer : 64.76m

3. Who had won the World Cup Title recently held at Antalya, Turkey?

Answer: Deepika Kumari

4. Who had won the Madrid Men’s Open title held at Madrid , Spain recently?

Answer: Roger Federar

5. Who had won the National Junior Boxing championship for 2012

Answer: Manjeet Singh

6. Sania-Mattek pair recently won which title?

Answer:  Brussel open Title

7. who won orange cap in IPL-5 ?

Answer : Chris Gale (RCB)

8. The total 6’s in th IPL is

Answer:  728

9. Formulae one Manacco Grand pix won by ?

Answer:   Mark Weber

10.the winner of thomas cup in London olympics is ?

Answer:  Lin danled(china)

11. chattisgardh girls and boy clinch national tites on which game ?

Answer : Basket ball

12. Grand master Anand belongs to which state in India?

Answer:  Chennai


1.Which state topped the list of highest per capita income in the country with 1,92,652 rupees?

Answer:   Goa

2.The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has provided assistance of how many USD aid to India?

Answer: $6.25 billion

3. What are the norms called for the implementation of the new global capital adequacy which was directed by the RBI to Indian Banks?

Answer:  Basel-III

4. Andhrapradesh high court invalidated which % sub-quato for Minority?

Answer: 4.5%


1. Which country had recently test fired  a short range ballistic missile ?

Answer:   Pakistan

2. Which country has launched TMA-04M rocket  recently?

Answer:  Russia

3.India test fired the which type of Akash Missile recently?

Answer:  Surface to air

4. pakistan test fired Nuclear capable _______ Missile ?

Answer:  Hatf9



1. Name the Vatican Envoy to India and Nepal, who inaugurated A.P Mission Congress?

Answer : Sarvotore Pennacchio

2. Who has been appointed as the German ambassador to India recently?

Answer: Michael steiner

3. who selected as a member of Borad Federation Against drugs from India?

Answer : Kiran Bedi

b) Resigns 

1.  Who is Snooker champion  announced his retirement recently?

Answer : Stephen Hendry

2. Who is the Indian American scientist quits from top energy post recently?

Answer : Apunava Majumdar

3. who is vice president and CCO of infosys Bpo reginesed recently?

Answer:  Ritesh Idnani


1.Who is the Afghan peace negotiator shot dead recently?

Answer : Arsalan Rahmani Daulat

2. Who is the Mexican novelist played dominant role in Latin America died recently?

Answer :    Carlos Fuentes


1. Who is the EU Ambassador to India visited  Nagaland to interact with chamber of commerce and industry recently?   Answer:  Joao Cravinho

2. who is the democracy Icon in Myanmar ,first visit to abroad in 24years is ?

Answer:  Aung san suu kyi


 1. Where is the world’s largest temple is going to be built by  Mahavir Mandir  trust?

Answer : Bihar

2. At which place the “Awan ka Cinema” film festival is going to be organized?

Answer :  Kargil

3. Tallest residential building “princess tower” located at  ?

Answer : Dubai

4. World’s richest lady according to business review weekly ?

Answer : Gina Rinehart

5. who is the present president of myanmar ?

Answer:  Theinsein


1. The laughter day is celebrated on which day?

Answer: First Sunday of May every month

2. Anti tobacco day is celebrated on which day?

Answer : May 31st


1. Who is the author of the book ‘Harbinger of Social Justic’ ?

Answer:    Sarah Booth


 1.Where was the 47th IAC committee meeting of NDA held?

Answer:  Khadakwasla

Places in News

 1. In which region of Italy faced powerfull earth quake ?

Answer:   north eastern region

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