Union Public Service Commission Combined Defence Services Exam February 2011

1. The Civil Liability of Nuclear Damage Bill, passed in the Lok Sabha on August 2010, does not make provision for

1. establishment of claims commission and appointment of claims commissioner

2. a liability cap of Rs. 1,500 crore on an operator in case of an accident

3. a liability cap of Rs. 1,500 crore also on the Government of India in case of an accident

4. liability of the operator even if an accident is unintentional

Ans – 1


2. In August 2010, a container ship had collided with another ship in the Arabian Sea near Mumbai.  Which one of the following was the consequence of that ?

1. The container ship was not damaged

2. The container ship sank and the entire oil of the ship spilled in the sea causing great damage to the aquatic lives

3. The container ship was tilted, some boxes fell into the sea, some moderate scale of oil spill took place and subsequently the ship was made upright

4. The container ship was just tilted and subsequently made upright

Ans – 3


3. In August 2010, Russian President hosted a summit of four nations to discuss about the menace of terrorism and narcotics at the Black Sea Resort Sochi.  The countries attended were

1. Brazil, Russia, India and China

2. Russia, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan

3. Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan

4. Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan

Ans – 4


4.According to Goldman Sachs’ review of emerging economies, by 2050 which one of the following would be the order of the largest economies in the world ?

1. China – USA – India – Brazil – Mexico

2. USA – China – India – Brazil – Mexico

3. China – USA – Brazil – India – Mexico

4. USA – Mexico – China – India – Brazil

Ans – 1


5. Which one among the following is not true regarding the draft National Food Security Bill ?

1. Every BPL family in the country shall be entitled to 25 kg of wheat or rice per month @ Rs. 3 per kg

2. The distribution will be on universal entitlement by ensuring coverage of every adult under the public distribution scheme

3. The Central Government shall allocate required quantity of wheat and / or rice from the central pool to State Governments, which will be distributed through fair price shops

4. The draft Bill has been cleared by the Group of Ministers for discussion in the Cabinet

Ans -4


6.  Currently half of the world’s population live in just 6 countries.  Identify them from the following

1. India, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Bangladesh, Indonesia

2. India, China, Bangladesh, South Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia

3. China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan

4. China, India, Bamgladesh, Unites States, Pakistan, Indonesia

Ans – 3

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