Union Public Service Commission Combined Defence Services Examination  Datex- 18 – 09 – 2011

1) A recent survey  ( by Bloomberg ) shows that the USA has fallen behind emerging markets in Brazil, China and India as the preferred place to invest.  Why is it so ?

1) unstable economic situation of the USA which the global investors feel not likely to improve in the near future.

2) Global investors are finding Brazil, China and India to be actually more amenable to foreign investment

Ans – 2


2) On 15th March  2011, foreign ministers of G – 8 nations failed to reach an agreement on military action against Libya because  :

1) Germany and Russia blocked flight restrictions sought by Britain and France

2) French attempt for a no – fly zone could not reach consensus

3) United Nations has been non – supportive for any kind of action against Libya

Ans – 1 & 2


3) South Pacific Island Nation Samoa, positioned to the east of the International Date Line, on May 2011 decided to forego a day and shift to the time zone on its west.  The reason for this shifting is to

1) facilitate smooth Internal administration through out the country

2) attain political stability in the country

3) facilitate trade with Australia and New Zealand

4) promote tourism industry in the country

Ans – 3


4) Which of the following changes have been brought in Egypt after the recent popular uprising that overthhrew President Hosni Mubarak ?

1) Adopting a new constitution

2) Reducing presidential terms from 6 years to 4 years

3) Limiting the president to two terms

4) Presidential candidate must be over 40 years

Ans – 1 & 2


5) Which one of the following teams won the maximum number of gold medals in the 34th National Games 2011 held in Jharkhand ?

1) Manipur

2) Services

3) Haryana

4) Maharashtra

Ans – 2


6) Who among the following was chosen for the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the year 2010 ?

1) K. Balachander

2) D. Ramanaidu

3) V. K. Murthy

4) Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Ans – 1


7) The ‘ Shillong Declaration ‘ , in news recently, was on

1) Food Security Act

2) Right to Education Act

3) Prevention of Corruption Act

4) Right to Information Act

Ans – 4


8) According to the Census 2011, which one among the following Union Territories has the least population ?

1) Daman and Diu

2) Dadra and Nagar Haveli

3) Lakshadweep

4) Puducherry

Ans – 3

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