1) Pakistan’s National Assembly on 6 May 2014 approved a resolution to lift a ban on video-sharing website YouTube.YouTube has been banned in Pakistan for how many times?
Ans:- Three times

2) Which country President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar on 9 May 2014 agreed on a peace deal that proposes to end five months of conflict ?
Ans:-  South Sudan

3) Which Afro-Arabian country on 1 May 2014 adopted a landmark new electoral law, which requires party lists for legislative elections to be half women and half men?

Ans:- Tunisia

4) China on 19 May 2014 set up a 1.6 billion dollars (10 billion Yuan) fund that will support projects related to ——?
Ans:- Maritime Silk Road development of China

5) Which country on 22 May 2014 suspended the 12th bull fight festival after matadors got injured by bulls ?
Ans:- Spain


1) The new protocol “Declaration on Automatic Exchange of Information in Tax Matters” on tax data exchanges has been signed on 6 May 2014  in —–?
Ans:- Paris

2) Recently, which country has imposed ban on import of chilli pepper from India?
Ans:- Saudi Arabia

3) Which country has topped the list of World Mothers Index-2014?
Ans:- Finland

4) To pay tribute to the 100 years of Indian cinema, which country on 5 May 2014 released two postage stamps designed by an Indian graphic designer ?
Ans:- Brazil


1) The Union Cabinet on 1 May 2014 approved the proposal for setting up of the ———— ?
Ans:- Polavaram Project Authority (PPA)

2) Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on 7 May 2014 issued guidelines to operastors for ———– ?
Ans:- Real Time Tracking of Aircrafts

3) The Constitution Bench of Supreme Court of India on 6 May 2014 upheld the Constitutional validity of the ——— ?
Ans:- Right to Education (RTE) Act

4) Revised norms of National Capital Region (NCR) Planning Board on 14 May 2014 restricted tourism in ——–  in NCR ?
Ans:- Green Zones

5) The Union Home Ministry on 14 May 2014 extended the ban imposed on the ———– in India for five more years ?
Ans:- Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)


1) The Supreme Court on 6 May 2014 held that the government cannot impose mother tongue on linguistic minority for imparting primary education. A bench of the apex court gave this order while hearing the government orders of which state pertaining to this issue?
Ans:- Karnataka

2) Election Queue Management System, a first of its kind initiative was introduced in India recently in which state?
Ans:- West Bengal

3) BHEL commissions first of the two unit of 600 MW capacity for Jindal Thermal Power Project at Angul in which state ?
Ans:- Odisha

4) According to latest report, which state has reported highest tiger mortality rate in the country?
Ans:- Tamil Nadu


1) Group of 77 developing countries plus China (G77+China) summit to be held on 14 and 15 June 2014 in ———– ?
Ans:- Santa Cruz ( Bolivia )


1) Which film was on 3 May 2014 given award for the Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment in National Film Awards 2014 ?
Ans:- Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

2) Name the Indian american cardiologist was recently won Gregory Bradeb Memorial Fellow of the Year Award 2014 ?
Ans:- Mitul Kadakia

3) Caparo Group won the International Business of the Year award 2014 at the Asian Business Awards Midlands in Birmingham on 9 May 2014. This group is founded by which industrialist of Indian origin?
Ans:- Lord Swaraj Paul

4) Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India on 12 May 2014 conferred ———– on 35 nursing personnel from across the country for their meritorious services ?
Ans:- National Florence Nighangle Awards 2014

5) Arabian travel Market (ATM) awarded India with ——— on 8 May 2014 ?
Ans:- New Frontiers Award 2014


1) 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games are to be held from 16th to 28th August 2014 in ———- ?
Ans:- Nanjing, China

2) What was the ranking of India in the ICC Test rankings annual updated list issued on 1 May 2014?
Ans:- 5th

3) Who won the women’s doubles title at the WTA Portugal Open 2014 held in Portugal on 3 May 2014 ?
Ans:- Sania Mirza of India and Cara Black of Zimbabwe

4) Who was crowned World Snooker’s Player of the Year at the sport’s annual awards ceremony in London on 8 may 2014 ?
Ans:- Ronnie O’Sullivan

5) Which team on 12 May 2014  won the 20th Senior National Women’s Football Championships title at the Golaghat Stadium in Assam ?
Ans:- Manipur


1) Which airline became the newest to have won an operating permit for airline services in India?
Ans:-  AirAsia India

2) India’s Adani Group got approval for a $15.46 billion coal mine development project in which state of Australia recently?
Ans:- Queensland

3) IPL franchisee Delhi Daredevils recently launched a co-branded cricket credit card in partnership with which commercial bank?
Ans:-  The Ratnakar Bank Ltd

4) According to the Sunday Times Rich List published on 11 May 2014, who edged out steel-baron Lakshmi Niwas Mittal to emerge the richest people in the United Kingdom?
Ans:- Hinduja Brothers

5) Which country was ranked as the cheapest among the major world economies in a latest report by Germany’s Deutsche Bank?
Ans:-  India


1) Recently Indian scientists have found 14 new species of ‘Dancing Frogs’ in the ———- ?
Ans:- Western Ghats

2) Researchers at The ————– have succeeded in replicating deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which contained artificially inserted synthetic pair of DNA “letters,” or bases, not found in nature ?
Ans:- Scripps Research Institute (TSRI)

3) What is the name of World’s first ever electric aircraft that has successfully taken its maiden voyage on 12 May 2014 ?
Ans:-  E-Fan

4) Astronomers led Dr Mark Vogelsberger of MIT/Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics on 8 May 2014 created the first realistic virtual Universe using a computer simulation called ——– ?
Ans:- Illustris

5) Which country Scientists had recently developed Silver nanowires-based nanoscale fingerprints ?
Ans:- South Korea



1) Who becomes the Wholetime Member (Finance) of the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) ?
Ans:- RV Verma

2) Who was elected as the President of the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) on 6 May 2014?
Ans:-  Lalit Modi

3) Who was appointed as the President of International Technology Law Association on 14 May 2014 ?
Ans:- Sajai singh


1) Who was resigned as MD and CEO of MCX on 1 May 2014 ?
Ans:- Manoj Vaish


1) Actor Bob Hoskins, whose varied career ranged from “Mona Lisa” to “Who Framed Roger Rabbit, who died recently was from which country ?
Ans:- Britain


1) Name the Turkmenistan President visited China from 11 – 14 May 2014 ?
Ans:- Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov


1) What is the name of the first-ever woman Additional Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), who was restrained from discharging her duties by the Supreme Court on 9 May 2014?
Ans:- Archana Ramasundaram


1) Archaeologists have recently discovered a granary with walls of mud-bricks during just-concluded excavation at Rakhigarhi village a Harappan civilisation site, in which state ?
Ans:- Haryana


1) What is the full form of  ‘ UNESCO ‘ ?
Ans:- United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization


1) A book entitled A Stamp is Born authored by —— was released on 6 May 2014 by Vice President of India, M Hamid Ansari ?
Ans:- C. R. Pakrashi


1) A high-level committee recommended recasting of the Index of Industrial Production and (IIP) Wholesale Price Index (WPI) with an objective to present a more realistic picture of the economy. Who is heading this high-level committee which recently submitted its report?
Ans:- Saumitra Chaudhuri


1) World Press Freedom Day was observed on —– ?
Ans:- 3 May 2014

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