1. What are the two countries disputed on Senkaku Islands?
Ans: Japan and China

2. Which law was annulled by Pakistan’s Supreme Court to protect PM?
Ans: COCA 2012

3. The reason to suspend Syria from membership is OIC is?
Ans: The regime to Kill its people


1. Which country is signed on MoU with the Election Commission of India on 01 August 2012 strengthening the electoral processes and political culture?

Ans : South Korean

2. Russia and India prepare for INDRA-2012 for?
Ans: anti-terror military excercises Siberian Republic of Buryatia

3. Who is suspect in a shooting incident at a Gurudwara in Oak Creek,US?
Ans : Wade Michael Page

4. Which country asked the India to to register its Oil Marketing Companies(OMCs) for supply of petroleum products such as petrol,diesel, furnace oil and petcoke?
Ans :Pakistan

5. Which country got the second place in Search Queries for Education on Google?
Ans  : India

6. Who got the first place in Forbes magazine list?

Ans  : Angela Merkel

7. On which country India impose a ban on importing milk and milk products?
Ans : China

8. Through which port the India, Iran & Afghanistan decide to expand their trade and economic ties?

Ans  : Chabahar


1. Which seed to be stopped the parliamentary committee recently recommended?
Ans  : genetically modified

2. Why the government reduces the mobile base station radiation limit from 1st September 2012?

Ans : Due to health problems

3. Which state got the first place in FDI proposals?

Ans : Odisha

4. The Union Cabinet on 28th August 2012 approved a proposal for amending the Child Labour,Which age group people come under Child Labour?

Ans : upto 14 years

5. Who awarded the death sentence in 26 November 2008 attack by supreme court on 29th August 2012?

Ans  : Ajmal Kasab

6. In which State two Mi-17 medium-lift utility helicopters collided in mid-air while on a “live firing exercise” ?

Ans : Gujarat


1. Which state got the 2nd place in “Environmental well-being state”?
Ans : Andhra Pradesh

2. How much amount is approved for Delhi by the Planning commission for the year 2012-13?

Ans : Rs 15,862 crore

3. How many crores of rupees approved by Punjab state under milk production scheme?
Ans : Rs.93 crores

4. What is the scheme launched by the rajasthan for NRIs

Ans :Jaane Apna Rajasthan

5. How much financial aid given by the delhi government for poor?

Ans :5Lakhs


1. Where the eleventh Energy Efficient Summit was conducted?

Ans: Hyderabad


1. What is worth of Yuri Milner award?

Ans  : Rs 16.7 crore

2. Which award was received by the founder of Jaipur Foot,D.R.Mehta ?

Ans : Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana award

3. How many number of coaches received the Dronacharya Award for 2012?

Ans : 8

4. Who received the V.V.Giri Memorial award 2011?

Ans  : Utsa Patnaik

5. Who received the Pakistan’s Highest award “Nisan-i-Imtiaz”?

Ans  : Saadat Hasan Manto

6. Who is the Indian American entrepreneur has been selected among the 18 ‘Presidential Innovation Fellows’ who will work on five  ‘high-impact’ projects in the US capital?

Ans  : Karl Mehta


1. In which event Vijay Kumar got silver medal in London Olympics 2012 ?

Ans  : 25m rapid fire pistol

2. In which event Saina Nehwal got Bronze medal in London Olympics 2012 ?

Ans  : Women’s Singles Badminton

3. Which Olympian beat the record of Soviet Union gymnastic Larisa Latynina?

Ans  : Michael Phelps

4. Who won continuous gold medals in 100m & 200m race since first Olympics to 2012 London Olympics ?

Ans  : Usain Bolt

5. Who defeated the Roger Federer in the men’s single tennis final in London Olympics 2012?

Ans  : Andy Murray from great Britain

6. In Which event Mary Kom got the bronze medal in London Olympics 2012?

Ans : Women’s boxing flyweight

7. In which event Yogeshwar Dutt got bronze medal in London Olympics 2012?

Ans  : men’s freestyle 60kg category

8. In which event Sushil Kumar got the Silver medal in London Olympics 2012?

Ans  : men’s 66kgs freestyle wrestling

9. Which country got the highest number of gold medals in London Olympics 2012?

Ans  : America

10. In Which game Mary Kom got the gold medal in London Olympics 2012?

Ans  : Women’s boxing flyweight

11. Who take the 3000 runs then became the fastest player in one-day international cricket?

Ans : South Africa’s Hashim Amla

12. Who received the Castrol Indian cricketer of the year-2011?

Ans  : Mahendra Singh Dhoni

13. Who got the doctorate on D.Litt from Calicut University?

Ans  : Montek, M.S.Swaminathan , Fathima Beevi


1. How much amount is fixed by the Union Cabinet for 2G spectrum auction?

Ans  : Rs14,000crore

2. What the CIBIL introduced to help the banks to take a decision in respect of credit cards and home loans?

Ans  : Risk Index

3. How many number of millionaires in Beijing?

Ans : 1.79 lakhs

4. From Which countries the government of India investigates about the information of Black Money under (DTAA) Double Taxation  avoidance Agreement is ?

Ans: France & Germany

5. Which foundation funded money for ‘e-toilets’?

Ans: Melinda Gates Foundation

6. Who is the head of the PM’s economic advisory council?

Ans: C.Ranga Rajan


1. Which used to coat the solar panel that makes it easier to keep them clean?

Ans  : nanoparticle

2. When a full moon appears in the night sky for the second time in a calendar month , it is called

Ans  : blue moon

3. How many Miles Spanned by Curiosity during the voyage to the Mars ?

Ans: 352 million milies

4. What is the Range of the Agni-II missile which was test fired on 9 August 2012 and held at wheeler Island, Odisha Coast?

Ans :2000 Km

5. The Therapeutic approach to PTA using a type of stem cell called?

Ans : Mesenchymal stem cell (MSCs)

6. What is the name of the ballistic missile test fired by china with a range of 14,000 km

Ans :Dong fneg-41


a) Appointments

1. Who appointed as the New Election Commissioner?

Ans  : Veeravalli Sundaram Sampath

2. Who is the wife of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister take oath on 8th August 2012?

Ans  : Dimple Yadav

3. Who is the first lady appointed as Chairperson of the Central Board of Excise and Customs(CBEC)?

Ans  : Praveen Mahajan

4. Who is elected as Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha?

Ans : P.J.Kurien


1. Who is the Special Peace envoy to Syria who resigned recently ?

Ans : Kofi Annan

2. Who is the communication minister resigned his pist on 27 aug 2012 ?

Ans :Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi

c) Deaths

1. How many times Mr.Vilasao Deshmukh worked as CM of Maharashtra?

Ans: 2

2. Who is first human land on the moon?

Ans  : Neil Alden Armstrong

3. Who is an American author died on 1 August 2012?

Ans: Gore Vidal

4. Suresh Dalal is a literature from

Ans : Gujarati


1. Cuba’s vice foreign minister Rogelio sierra Diaz visited India on 7 august 2012 to attend ____ meeting?

Ans : First India–CELAC Foreign Ministers troika Meeting


1. Which new comet was discovered by Prafull sharma by using data from NASA and European space craft -based observatory SOHO is ?

Ans :SOHO 2333

2. Who was suspended Indo-American Zakaria because he copied an article from The New Yorker Magazine?

Ans : CNN / Time Magazine

3. How many countries visited by former president Pratibha Patil during her tenure as a President?

Ans :18 countries

4. Who awarded multimedia award, skin & beauty award in Miss World Competition?

Ans :Vanya Mishra


1. Which country struck by two earthquakes on 11th August 2012?

Ans : north-west Iran


1. What is the Abbrivation of OIC?

Ans  : Organisation Islamic Cooperation


1. Who is the author of the book”Mission that killed Osama Bin Laden” ?

Ans :Pseudonym Mark Owen


1. A 3 member panel is formed by Pakistan president Zardari to reassure __ who wants to flee from Pakistan?

Ans :Pakistan Hindus

2. Who is the head of the six member committee to review on RRB’s?

Ans :S.K.Mitra

3. Which association set up a 3 member committee to resolve Hockey affairs?

Ans :The Indian Hockey Association

4. Which panel has set up a two member working group to study on universal health coverage(UHC)

Ans :The National advisory council

5. Which committee pulled up the department of atomic energy rules are not in true ?

Ans : The subordinate legislation committee

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