1. Who announced a $10 million donation for a global war chest to educate all girls by 2015 set up in the name of Malala Yousafzai?
Ans: Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari

2. Who elected as a Prime Minister with a clear victory over the  Prime Minister  and leader of the Democratic Party of Japan(DPJ) Yoshihiko Noda in the Parliament elections of Japan on 26 December 2012?
Ans: Shinzo Abe

3. Who is the first woman President of South Korea?
Ans: Park Chung-hee

4. Which bill that will give intelligence and security agencies sweeping powers to conduct surveillance passed by Pakistan’s National Assembly on 20 December 2012?
Ans: Fair Trial Bill 2012

5) Which state the Pakistan Government officially recognised  as an independent state on 26 December 2012?


1. Who is the Bihar’s State Chief minister recently among Foreign Policy magazine “The Top 100 Global Thinkers”  List ?
Ans: Nitish Kumar

2. Which Country  had agreed to set up barbed wire Fencing along Tripura border on  2 December 2012?
Ans: Bangladesh

3. Which country signed with India on 10 December 2012 on five pacts?
Ans: Ukraine

4. According to the 2011 Britain population census record what percent of the Hindu religion became a third-largest religion in the Nation’s ?
Ans: 1.5 %

5. According to the which survey report India nonetheless has one of the largest Muslim populations in the world ?
Ans: Pew research


1. Which Criminal Law bill Passed by Lok Sabha on 4 December 2012 ?
Ans: Sexual Assault a Gender-Neutral Offence

2. On 7 December 2012 The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) cleared a major expansion plan of the strategic Karwar naval base Phase II Alpha of the project Seabird in ——
Ans: Karnataka

3. Which bill providing for quota for SCs and STs in government job promotions was on 2012 December 17 passed by Rajya Sabha?
Ans: Constitution 117th  Amendment Bill

4. The Union Government of India on 23 December 2012 constituted a three-member Commission to suggest measures for saftey of women.Who is the head of this Commiitte?
Ans: Former Chief Justice of India J.S. Verma

5. On 25 December 2012  Government of India decided to set up five-year project for restoring the overall which structure of critical sectors of India?
Ans: Cyber Security

6. Which amendment bill 2011 have been passed by Lok Sabha on 20 December 2012?
Ans: Banking Laws Amendment Bill, 2011

7. Whose commission appointed for Delhi incident victim Nirbhaya’s Case on December 2012?
Ans: Usha mehra


1. Which Scheme announced by Assam government on 12 December 2012 ?
Ans: Special Health Scheme

2. Which state Lokayukta Bill, 2012 was passed on 14 December 2012 ?
Ans: Meghalaya

3. UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi was launched a major food security programme of Delhi Government on 15 December 2012. What is the name of the program?
Ans: Annshri Yojna

4. Which state government  on 17 December 2012 ordered a Special Investigation Team (SIT) probe into the matter of multi-crore irrigation scam?
Ans: Maharashtra

5. Which State had became the first state that announced some measures for making public transport safer via use of technology on 23 December 2012?
Ans: Karnataka


1. What is the theme of  ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit held from 20 – 21 December 2012 in New Delhi ?
Ans: ASEAN – India Partnership for Peace and Shared Prosperity

2. Which of the following country will host the Climate Conference in 2013?
Ans: Poland


1. Who was honoured with award of ‘National Tansen Samman’ for year 2011-12 for their contribution to Hindustani classical music?
Ans: Rajan and Sajan

2. Which state received the Silver Icon Web Ratna Award 2012 for its public grievance redressal website?
Ans: Bihar

3. Who received the Yuri Milner Foundation award for the work on black holes and in the discovery of a new subatomic particle believed to be the long-sought Higgs boson?
Ans: Stephen Hawking

4. Who will be honoured with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously and he is also the first Indian to got this award?
Ans: Sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar

5. Who is former BBC correspondent had been conferred with Lifetime Achievement Award for 2012 on 16 December 2012?
Ans: Sir Charles Wheeler

6. Who is the Indian-origin girl won the prestigious a wildlife conservation award in South Africa ?
Ans: Afeefah Patel

7. Who was honoured with ‘Tolkappiyar’ award  by the President on 21 December 2012?
Ans: C. Govindarajanar

8. Who is the Bollywood actor  attended the Italy’s River to River Film Festival from India and honoured by the Government of Italy
Ans: Amitabh Bachchan

9. Who became the first Emirati and Arab to win the Tagore Peace Prize on 26 December 2012?
Ans: Shihab Ghanem

10. Who was honoured with Canada’s Highest Civilian Award – the Order of Canada in December 2012?
Ans: Venkatesh Mannar


1. Who won the 23rd Lal Bahadur Shastri hockey tournament at the Shivaji Stadium New Delhi on 4 December 2012?
Ans: Air India

2. Who set the record for most goals in a calender year by scoring his 86th goal of 2012?
Ans: Barcelona’s soccer  player Lionel Messi

3. Who was named Swiss Female athlete of the year at the 2012 Credit Suisse Sports Awards on 16 December 2012 in Zurich ?
Ans: Nicola Spirig

4. Who had been named the ‘ AIFF (All India Football Federation) Player of the Year  on 20 December 2012?
Ans: Rahim Nabi

5. Who is the Indian cricketer retired from ODI’s on 23 December 2012?
Ans: Sachin Tendulkar

6. Who won the Syed Modi India Grand Prix Gold 2012 title?
Ans: Kashyap Parupalli

7. Which country won the Asian Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy 2012 in Qatar on 26 December 2012?
Ans: Pakistan

8. Who won the gold medal for India in Azerbaijan boxing tourney?
Ans: Aman Indora

9. Who won the World Tennis Championship title on 29 December 2012 in Abu Dhabi ?
Ans: Novak Djokovic

10. Who got the gold medal in  the men’s rapid fire pistol event at the 56th National Shooting Championship in New Delhi?
Ans: Vijay Kumar

11. Who is the Australian player inducted in the  International Cricket Council’s Hall of Fame on 4 January 2013 at the Sydney Cricket Ground?
Ans: McGrath


1. According to US intelligence counsel which country economy dominate the world economy by 2030?
Ans: India

2. According to the  International Telecommunications Communication Union (ITU) Information Society 2012 – Observe report number of cell phone connections exceeding  the world’s population by ——
Ans: 2014

3. How much amount was loss by India in the form of black money during the period 2001 to 2010?
Ans: $123 billion

4. According to an Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) survey which business group in India perceived to be India’s best-known global brand within and outside the country?
Ans: Tata Group


1. What is the name of the scientist developed Smart Phone application to easily observe the heart beat of a patient?
Ans: Jems Haythers

2. Which country scientists were developed  a new technology that allows electronic messages sent from mobile phones to be directly projected on to contact lens placed in the recipient’s eyes?
Ans: Belgian

3. What are the names of NASA’s twin probes crashed successfully onto Lunar Mountain?
Ans: Ebb and Flow

4. Which discovery top placed in Journal Science’s 2012  Top 10 list released on 22 December 2012 ?
Ans: Discovery of the Higgs Boson

5. What is the name of protein found by the Chris Ormandy, researcher of Sydney‘s Garvan Institute to makes breast cancer tumours more aggressive and resistant to treatment?
Ans: ELF5



1. Who was appointed as Adviser to Finance Minister of India on 6 December 2012?
Ans: Parthasarathy Shome

2. Who appointed as a Senior Security Adviser in Home ministry on 11 December 2012?
Ans: Vijay Kumar

3. Who elected as the Chair of the UN auditors panel for the year 2013?
Ans: Vinod Rai

4. Who is the first Woman president of FICCI?
Ans: Naina Lal Kidwai

5. Who is the first woman president of Chicago-based Federation of Indian Associations (FIA)?
Ans: Rita Singh

6. Who was appointed as the new chief of Border Security Force(BSF) on 18 December 2012?
Ans: Subhash Joshi

7. Who sworn as the new Chief Minister of Gujarath for 4th consecutive time on 26 December 2012?
Ans: Narendra Modi


1. Who is the Singapore’s Parliament speaker resigned on 12 December 2012 over an extramarital affair with a staff member of the People’s Association?
Ans: Michael Palmer

2. Who is the Israeli Foreign Minister submitted his resignation on 16 December 2012 due to a pending indictment against him for fraud and breach of trust?
Ans: Avigdor Lieberman


1. Who is the world’s oldest woman died on 4 December 2012?
Ans: Besse Cooper

2. Who is the world’s tallest woman died on 4 December 2012?
Ans: Yao Defen

3. Who is the Britist astronomer and Who was a former president of the British Astronomical Association passes away on 9 December 2012?
Ans: Sir Patrick Moore

4. Who is the former Ranji cricketer ,who did the highest score in the first – class cricket died on 11 december 2012?
Ans: BB Nimbalkar

5. Who is the Sitar maestro and the receiver of Bharat Ratna passes away in San Diego on 11 December 2012?
Ans: Sitar maestro Pandit  Ravi Shankar

6. Who is the co-inventor of bar code with Bernad Silver died on 9 December 2012?
Ans: Norman Joseph

7. Who is the  the world’s oldest person and a resident of Iowa, had died on 17 December 2012 in Johnston?
Ans: Dina Manfredini

8. Who is the former hockey player and Donee of Padma Shree award died on 20 December 2012?
Ans: Leslie Claudius


1. Who is the Palestnian Hamas leader visited the Gaza on 6th December 2012?
Ans: haled Meshaal

2. Who is the Pakistan’s Interior Minister  visited India from 14 to 16 December 2012?
Ans: Rehman Malik


1. Which country person Jiroemon Kimura (115 years)  had been named  the new oldest person in the world by Guinness World Records on 18 December 2012 ?
Ans: Japan

2. Harvard Business Review (HBR) prepared a 100 best performing global chief executives list.Who was the first among the Indian CEOs featured in this list?
Ans: Subir Raha


1. Which of the following country was hit by the powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 on 7 December 2012?
Ans: Japan


1. What is the full of   U N F C C C   …. ?
Ans: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

2. G A A R ………..full form?
Ans: General Anti Avoidance Rules


1. Who is the author of  Former India opener Late Pankaj Roy Book  Pankaj, Bengal`s Forgotten Hero?
Ans: Bengali sports journalist Gautam Bhattacharya

2.What is the name of a  book written by Former Chief Justice P N Bhagwati?
Ans: My Tryst with Justice

3. What is the name of the M.S. Subbulakshmi new book launched on December 2012?
Ans: M.S. Subbulakshmi – Queen of Carnatic Music


1. Whose Committee had appointed by Market regulator Sebi to frame a single set of guidelines for all types of foreign investors?
Ans: K.M. Chandrashekhar


1. When is the International Mother Tongue Day celebrated?
Ans: February, 21

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