1. Who had won the US Republic  Florida Primary election held recently ?

Answer: Mitt Romney

2. By the end of which year the American military is going to end the combat operations in Afghanistan?

Answer: 2013yr

3.  What is the mechanism policy of EU to double their renewable energy?

Answer: Rio+20

4. In which place the National Australia Bank was opened its Maiden Branch in India recently ?

Answer: Mumbai

5. Which country is going to grant India the MFN status by the end of 2012 ?

Answer: Pakistan

6. Who is new US abbassador to India ?

Answer: Nancy J.Powell



1. What is the bilateral trade target set up by India & China recently

Answer: $100b

2. China wants to work with India  in which issue recently ?

Answer: piracy fight

3.  Between which two countries the 12th defence policy group meeting was held in New delhi ?

Answer: India & US



1.Which disease had been included in lifestyle other than diabetes and hypertension ?

Answer:  cancer

2. Which are the three most happiest countries where people reside ?

Answer: Indonesia,India &Mexico

3. From which place India is going to test its most ambitious missile Agni- V ?

Answer: Odisha

4. According to researchers which country is losing its forests more rapidly ?

Answer: India

5. Samsung had launched which type of note book into the market recently ?

Answer: series 5 ultra

6. From which date the implementation of Matatma Gandhi Rural Employment, Guarantee Act will start ?

Answer: 4/1/2012

7.  Who inaugurated the 12th polio summit 2012 which was held in NewDelhi recently ?

Answer: Manmohan singh



1. How many people died of malaria worldwide in 2010-2011 according to the world malaria report ?

Answer: 46800

2. Name the maths social net work in face book called ?

Answer: Teaching Tomorrow

3. Which city in A.P had decided to become cycle proud and introduced ‘no Motor vehicle’ zones across 20km of roads ?

Answer: Vishakapatnam

4.  Which state Government had shortlisted for the two companies for setting up the E-waste dismantlity facilities ?

Answer: West Bengal

5.  Who had launched a major state wide de- warming campaign in Delhi recently ?

Answer: Sheila Dikshit

6. Which state ranked top in investment proposal in the year 2011 ?

Answer: Gujarat



1.Where was the’ National Conference on Governance’ meeting organised on Jan 29 2012 ?

Answer: New Delhi

2. Where was the 58th annual meeting of the Indian Association of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons held at ?

Answer: Kolkata

3. On which date the Indian -Asean summit was held for two days in NewDelhi recently ?

Answer: 12 th Feb

4. Who inaugurated the 15th National conference on e-governance held for two days ?

Answer: Mr.M.Naveen Patnaik



1. The P.M of Mauritius Navinchandra Ramloolam had been honoured with which Dr. recently ?

Answer: Doctor of law

2. Who had been awarded as sports women of the year 2012 recently at Laureus sports awards ?

Answer: Vivian Chruiyot

3. Who is the Indian to receive the pretigious honour, Manager of the Year 2011 award recently ?

Answer: Siva ram krishna prasad

4. To which tennis player the serbian president Boris Tadic conffered the highest Serbain award’ Gold star of Karadjordge’ for 2012?

Answer: Novack Djokovic

5. Who had been graced as chief guest for the 5th Ramnath Goenka Awards for the excellence in Journalism 2012, held at Taj palace in NewDelhi ?

Answer: Hamid Ansari

6. Who had won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year Award for 2011 ?

Answer: Rahul Batia



1. Who had won the mens national grass court tennis championship from A.P ?

Answer: Saketh Mineni

2. Which country had won the Africa nations cup title cup which held on 13 Feb 2012 ?

Answer:  Zambia

3. Who is the cricket player who had awarded with ESPN Cricin for best batting performance award in test matches ?

Answer: Sachin tendulkar

4. W ho is the cricket batsman who had announced recently retirement from one day cricket ?

Answer: Ricky Poting

5. Who is the person, who had won the Men’s 85 plus 5km walk event held at Manipur from A.P on the opening day of 33rd National Masters Atheletics Championship ?

Answer: G.Satyanarayana rao

6. Who won the SAIL SBI open Golf title on 25 Feb 2012 held in Delhi ?

Answer: Anirban Lahiri



1.  The RBI of India is going to issue how much rupee note denomination with insert letter R in the Mahata Gandhi series ?

Answer:  Rs 1000

2.  The RBI had made an announcement to bring  Rs 5 coin was devoted to which person recently ?

Answer: Bhagat singh

3. Who had directed the Unoin Government to issue Broad band license to Qual comm ?

Answer: Telecom dispute settlement Appellate Tribunal

4. Who had issued a circular for development of white label automated teller machines from non-banks ?

Answer: Reserve Bank of India



1. What is name of home cleaning robot within the vaccum cleaner segment ?

Answer: Niche

2. Which country had launched the self guided bullet missile ?

Answer: US (America )

3. What is the name of orbit above, an observation satellite launched by Iran on 3 Feb 2012 ?

Answer: Navid

4.  Which is the new planet discovered by the researchers recently found water on it ?

Answer: GJ1214b

5. Name the new US-based racing bike which was manufactured by the world’s largest two wheeler  Hero Motocorp recently?

Answer: Erik Buell Rcing

6. Name the new gene, which was discovered by the UK scientists recently ?

Answer: Meg I

7. Name the China’s global navigation and positioning network known as ?

Answer: Beidou


a) Appointments

1. Who had been appointed as the Honarary secretary for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh from Andhrapradesh ?

Answer: Dr.P.Raghuram

b) Resigns

1. Who is the president of Maldives who had resigned on 7 Feb 2012 ?

Answer: Mohamed Nasheed

2. Who is the world bank president who resigned recently for completing his five yrs term ?

Answer: Robert Zoelllick

3. Who is the German president who had resigned recently over a scandal recieved before becoming the head of the state ?

Answer: Christian Wulff

c) Deaths

1. Who is the pop music singer ,six times Grammy award winner deid on 11 Feb 2012

Answer: Whitney Huoston

2. Who is the British Journalist who on 22 Feb was shot dead by the French photographers in Syria ?

Answer: Marie Colvin

3. Who is the foriegn correspondent and a two time pulitzer prize winner died in Eastern Syria on 16 Feb 2012 ?

Answer: Anthony Shadid

d) Visitors

1.  Mr.Navinchandra Ramgoolan  is P.M of which country who visited India on 7Feb 2012 for six days ?

Answer: Mauritius

e) Miscellaneous

1. Name the Indian-American person who had made himself the cover of the prestigous Time magazine recently?

Answer: Preet Bharara



1. Who is the author of the book ‘Nirbasan ‘ whose opening ceremony of the book releasing was cancelled in India ?

Answer: Taslima Nasreen

2. Who was the author of the book ‘Time Guerrilla’ recently released of his own memoir ?

Answer: Fidel Castro

3. Name the book which was released by the vice president of India Mr.Hamid Ansari in Newdelhi recently?

Answer: Sufism & Indian Mysticism



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