1) Which country’s parliament adopted the country’s first law against domestic violence?
Ans:- China

2) World Health Organization(WHO) has declared which country as Ebola free country recently?
Ans:- West Africa

3) Giorgi Kvirikashvili has been elected as the 12th Prime Minister of which country?
Ans:- Georgia

4) The blue stone of Sri Lanka was named as ___?
Ans:- The Star of Sapphire

5) Union Government signed loan agreement to clean Mula Mutha river in pune with which country?
Ans:- Japan

6) China and Soudi Arabia signed MoU on Industrical capacity to improve co-operation in_?
Ans:- Energy policies


1) India made a civil nuclear cooperation deal with which country recently?
Ans:- Australia

2) In which I Q test Kashmia had got top score 2 became youngest brainiest students in country?
Ans:- Mensa test

3) 8th India and UK Economic and Financial Dialogue held in which place ?
Ans:- London

4) Memorandum of Understanding in co-operation field of health is held between?
Ans:- India and Maldives


1) Which is inaguarated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 21 December to ferry MPs at Parliament?
Ans:- Electric Bus ‘Go Green’

2) On 22 December Rajya Sabha cleared which bill of Juveniles?
Ans:- Juvenile Justice (Amendment) Bill, 2015

3) The Union cabinet approved which scheme in the textile industry?
Ans:- Amended Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme

4) Ministry overseas Indian Affairs was merged with?
Ans:- Ministry of external affairs (MEA)

5) Two related sub progects green ports launched by Union Ministry of shipping is?
Ans:- 1. Green Port, 2. Swachh Bharat Abiyaan


1) On 18th Jan. 2016 Narandra Modi declared which state as organic farming state ?
Ans:- Sikkim

2) The Vice President Humid Ansari announced which state has 100% primany eduction?
Ans:- Kerala

3) Recently Punjab chief minister parkash sing Bandal Band which manufacturing?
Ans:- Gutkha Manufacture

4) Tamil Nadu chief Minister Jayalalitha announced “Amma call centre” for public redressal state governament with complaint number?
Ans:- 1100


1) What are 5 E’5 coined by Modi in Indian science congress?
Ans:- Economy, Environment, energy, empathy and equity

2) Who inaugurated 103rd Indian science congress (ISC) held in Mysore?
Ans:- Narendra Modi


1) Who is the Gujarati literature selected for 2015 Jnanpith Award?
Ans:- Raghuveer Chaudhary

2) Who is the famous mridangam vidwan got yuva purskar?
Ans:- Parupalli Subbarayaphalgun

3) In 2015 to whom the cricketer of yerar award is given by BCCI?
Ans:- Virat Kohli

4) Indian Author Anuradha Roy got which award for her novel “sleeping on Jupiter”?
Ans:- DSC Prize

5) The 2015-16 Krishi karam award was announced to which state?
Ans:- Madhya Pradesh

6) Israil Journalist, palestinion pastor got which prize for “Fight against occupation and violence”?
Ans:- Swedish rights Prize


1) Who are named as the Women’s Doubles World Champions by the ITF?
Ans:- Sania Mirza-Martina Hingis

2) Who won the Mixico Open Grand Prix Badminton title?
Ans:- Sumit Reddy -Manu Atri Pair

3) For which cup does the Mumbai teenager pranav Dhanawade played and broke world record?
Ans:- Bhundari Cup

4) India beats Afghanistan and won which Cup for 7th time?

5) Pranav Dhanawade scores 1009 runs in 323 balls and broke world record for which tournament?
Ans:- Inter-school tournament is Mumbai

6) Nick Kyrgios, darila gavilova won which title by playing Tennis?
Ans:- Hopman cuptitle


1) RBI has extended the deadline for exchanging pre-2005 currency notes up to ____?
Ans:- June 30, 2016

2) For which purpose MUDRA converted to MUDRA SIDBI?
Ans:- To benift small scale sectors

3) The reliance wants to set up Rs.5,000 crore naval shipbuilding unit near?
Ans:- Rambilli, 70 km from Vizag

4) World bank released 20 million us dollar for reconstructing which Zoo?
Ans:- Indira Gandhi Zoological park


1) What is the new planet discovered by Australian astronomers found the possibly nearest habitable planet near Earth.?
Ans:- Wolf 1061c

2) What is the name of the reusable rocket land back successfully on Earth launched by SpaceX?
Ans:- Falcon 9

3) What is India’s first indigenously designed warship that has been decommissioned after 32 years of service?
Ans:- INS Godavari

4) What is the beyond visual range air to air missile succesfully testfired on 25 December from Balasore?

5) What is the indigenously developed heavyweight torpedo that will be inducted into the Indian Navy next year?
Ans:- Varunastra

6) INS, Kadmat was Inuented by which united?
Ans:- Garden Reach ship Builders and Engineers Ltd (GRSE)

7) DRDO successfully tested fire and forget anti tank missile nag against?
Ans:- Thermal target system (TTS)

8) Recently which country had successfully tested hydrogen bomb with fission reaction?
Ans:- North Korea

9) ISRO successfully launched which Fifth navigation satellite from Satish dhawan space centre?
Ans:- IRN SS-I E



1) Who was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Food Regulator Food Safety and Standards Authority of India?
Ans:- Pavan Kumar Agarwal

2) Who was appointed as the India’s High Commissioner to Pakistan?
Ans:- Gautam H Bambawale

3) Air Marshal Bhadarvia takes deputy chief of ?
Ans:- Air Staff

4) Dksitri appointed as chairman of fair trade regulator for?
Ans:- Competition Commission of India (CCI)


1) The first Indian-American that resigns Governor of Lovisiana in America is?
Ans:- Bobby Jindal

2) The president that resigns from FIFA (International Federation of Association foot ball) is?
Ans:- Seep Blatter


1) The Jammu & Kashmir CM dead is _____ ?
Ans:- Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

2) The great leader list by Indian army, who led to birth of Bangladesh?
Ans:- Gen JFR Jacob

3) The ex-sikhim governor passed away was?
Ans:- Ventra Pragada Rama Rao


1) During Modi’s Russia visit, agreement in defence sector includes production of which type of helicopters in India was signed by the two nations?
Ans:- 200 Kamov-226T helicopters

2) Which country Narendra Modi made a surprise visit?
Ans:- Pakistan


1) Whose 45 feet high Santa Claus sculpture found a place
in Limca Book of World Records?
Ans:- Sudarshan Patnaik

2) The “2015” earth’s warmest year science 1080” who said this point?
Ans:- NASA and NOAA with Individual Analysis


1) India’s biggest Wildlife Rescue Centre named as Gorewada Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Centre has been commissioned at ___?
Ans:- Nagpur, Mahrashtra

2) What is the first shipyard in India to get the nod for construction of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) ships?
Ans:- Cochin Shipyard

3) Smriti Irani Inaugurated world book fair at?
Ans:- New Delhi

4) Recently BCCI banned Indian premier for five years for his involvement in match fixing is?
Ans:- Ajit chandila


1) CSO stands for?
Ans:- Central Statistics Office

2) What is meant by NPA?
Ans:- Non Performing Assets

3) PPP Stands for___?
Ans:- Public Private Partnership


1) Who is the author of the book ‘Kargil: Turning the Tide’
released recently?
Ans:- Lieutenant General Mohinder Puri

2) Book entitle Jawaharlal Nehru and Indian polity was released by?
Ans:- Hamid Ansari


1) DDCA Commissioner of Enquiry headed by?
Ans:- Former Solicitor General Gopal Subramaniam

2) Which committee was formed by Reserve Bank on Medium-term path on Financial Inclusion?
Ans:- Deepak Mohanty Committee

3) Lodha committee on?
Ans:- BCCI


1) To mark birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, January 12 is celebrated as _?
Ans:- National Youth Day

2) National Voter’s Day is observed on __ ?
Ans:- January 25

3) January 15 is celebrated as _?
Ans:- National Army Day

4) National Cleanliness Day is observed on _?
Ans:- January 30

5) National Day of patriotism is observed on __ ?
Ans:- January 23

6) January 30 is celebrated as ___ ?
Ans:- Martyrs Day

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