1) Who is the Prime Minister of Australia lost his post as Prime Minister in the secret party voting ?
Ans:- Tony Abbott

2) Who is the Indian Origin person elected as the mayor of Bonn town of Germany recently?
Ans:- Ashok Sreedharan

3) Which country’s parliament recently passed a new constitution that divides the nation into seven federal provinces.?
Ans:- Nepal

4) Who is the new Prime Minister of Egypt?
Ans:- Sherif Ismail

5) Which party won the exit polls in Greek held on September 20, 2015?
Ans:- Syriza Party

6) Who is the China President visited USA recently?
Ans:- Xi Jinping

7) Who is the ex Nepal Prime Minister quits from the Maoist Party recently?
Ans:- Baburam Bhattarai


1) Who is the Director General of Pakistan Rangers participated in the Border talks held in New Delhi ?
Ans:- Umar Farooq Burki

2) What is the name given to the India-Australia joint Naval excercises held in Vishakapatnam on 11-19 September?
Ans:- “AUSINDEX-2015”

3) The 6th Indo-Maldives Joint Military Exercise begins in _____?
Ans:- Thiruvananthapuram

4) The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) on 22 September cleared a multi billion dollar deal with aviation giant Boeing for _____?
Ans:- 22 Apache attack helicopters and 15 Chinook heavy lift choppers

5) India and America on 23 September signed an agreement on which matter?
Ans:- Energy security and Climate change

6) Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the United Nations addressed a special summit on _____?
Ans:- Sustainable Development Goals

7) Who is the France President met with Narendra Modi on his visit to US from 24-28 September?
Ans:- Francois Hollande


1) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 4 September, 2015 released two commemorative coins of Rs. 125 and Rs.10 coins in the memory of which person ?
Ans:- Dr. S.Radhakrishnan

2) Who is the Kerala born entrepreneur who runs 70 private schools in 14 countries, present in the philanthropists list of Forbe’s magazine?
Ans:- Sunny Verkey

3) On 12 September, the Indian Army commemorated the victory in the 1965 India-Pakistan war in the name of _ ?
Ans:- ‘The Victory Car Rally’

4) On 16 September, 2015 the Union Cabinet approved which scheme that aims at economic, social and infrastructure development of rural areas?
Ans:- Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission

5) What is the portal inaguarated in Supreme Court on 19 September to monitor the pending cases across the country?
Ans:- National Judicial Data Grid

6) The centre launched which policy on 29 September?
Ans:- Green Highways Policy


1) Recently West Bengal Government declassified secret files of which freedom fighter ?
Ans:- ‘Netaji’ Subhash Chandra Bose

2) Perumanna Grama Panchayat becomes first Panchayat in which state to declare a water policy ?
Ans:- Kerala


1) When was The third G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting held in Ankara, Turkey?
Ans:- 4-5 September, 2015

2) India Summit-2015 by The Economist publishers has been held in New Delhi on ?
Ans:- 9 September

3) Where is the 10th World Hindi Conference (WHC) is being organized from 10-12 September, 2015 ?
Ans:- Bhopal


1) Name the two Indians conferred with Ramon Magsaysay Award 2015 ?
Ans:- Sanjeev Chaturvedi and Anshu Gupta

2) Who is the winner of The Kopparapu kavula National Eminence award 2015 which is given in the field of music?
Ans:- Classical flutist Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia

3) Name the advisor to Defence Minister and scientist of DRDO who has been selected for the Royal Aeronautic Society Silver Medal given by London ?
Ans:- Dr. G. Satish Reddy

4) Who is the Bangladesh Prime Minister won the United Nations Award for Leadership on Climate Change recently ?
Ans:- Shiekh Hasina

5) Who is the Chairperson and editorial director of HT media received the USIBC (U.S-India Business Council) Global Leadership Awards on 22 September in Washington ?
Ans:- Shobhana Bhartia


1) Name the athlete of Jamaica who won the three gold medals in the World Athletic Championship held at Beijing?
Ans:- Usain Bolt

2) For which games Indian Women’s Hockey team has been selected after 36 years?
Ans:- 2016 Rio Olympics

3) Who win the women’s open tournament of NSCI Squash held in New Delhi on 6 September?
Ans:- Joshna Chinnappa

4) Who is the winner of US Open Tennis Men’s Singles held on 14 September, 2015?
Ans:- Novak Djokovic

5) Who is the Indian Badminton player stood as the runner up in the Korea Open Badminton series?
Ans:- Ajay Jayaraman

6) Who is the winner of Singapore Grand Prix held on 20 September?
Ans:- Sebastian Vettel

7) Which former indian cricket team captain elected as president of Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) ?
Ans:- Sourav Ganguly

8) Who is the winner of the IBSF World Billiards Championship held on 27 September.?
Ans:- Pankaj Advani


1) Reserve Bank of India has cancelled which company’s certificate of registration as NBFC recently?
Ans:- Sahara India Financial Corporation

2) World Bank ranks which state as most investor friendly state in the list of states on the ease of doing business in India?
Ans:- Gujarat

3) Which country topped the list of World Wealth Report-2015 which was released recently?
Ans:- America

4) Who is at top position as the India’s richest woman as per the Forbes list of India’s 100 rich ?
Ans:- OP Jindal Group Chairperson Savitri Jindal

5) SBI reduced its key lending rate to 9.3 percent by reducing ___?
Ans:- 40 bps

6) What is the present Repo rate of RBI ?
Ans:- 6.75%


1) NASA plans to land on Europa, one of the most interesting places in our solar system. Europa is called the Moon of which Planet?
Ans:- Jupiter

2) What is the name given to the longest chain of volcanoes recently found in Australia?
Ans:- Cosgrove Hotspot Track

3) Name the indigenously developed second generation 2.8 km range anti tank guided missile which was successfully test fired by Bharat Dynamics Limited recently?
Ans:- AMOGHA-1

4) On which date of the month of September Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) marks one year of its life around the Mars ?
Ans:- On 24 September, 2015

5) What is the India’s first first space observatory which ISRO successfully launched on 28 September?

6) US Space agency NASA recently observed Liquid water on which planet of the solar system ?
Ans:- Mars



1) Who will be the next high Commissioner to London replacing Ranjan Mathai ?
Ans:- Navtej Sarna

2) India’s ambassador to Germany Vijay Gokhale will takeover from whom in Beijing?
Ans:- Ashok Kantha


1) Who is the Egypt’s Prime Minister resigned on 12 September after a government minister was accused of corruption ?
Ans:- Ibrahim Mehlab


1) Who is the BCCI President passed away on 20 September ?
Ans:- Jagmohan Dalmia

2) Who was the famous British born author died recently?
Ans:- Jackie Collins


1) India and Sri Lanka signed four agreements to deepen cooperation in _____?
Ans:- Helath care and Space science

2) Pope Francis visited United States as part of a historic six day trip on which day of the September?
Ans:- On 22 September

3) Who is the chief executive of Face Book to whom modi visited at head quarters of Face Book?
Ans:- Mark Zuckerberg


1) Which day of September was declared as ‘Anupam Kher’s Day’ by US State’s most populous city Los Vegas?
Ans:- September 10

2) Who is named as “Australian of the Day”?
Ans:- Tejinder Pal Singh

3) Who is the Indian-American girl to get the White House Award “Champions of Change” on 16 September, 2015?
Ans:- Swetha Prabhakaran

4) Name the person from India who has been invited to the United Nations High Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport (HLAG- ST) by the UN secretary Ban Ki Moon ?
Ans:- ‘Metro’ Sreedharan

5) Which country’s centenerian sets a Guinness World Record in racing by completing 100 metres race in 42.22 seconds world record in the over-105 age category ?
Ans:- Japan


1) Which city of China will host the 2022 Asian Games?
Ans:- Hangzhow

2) What is ‘SJSRY’ stands for ?
Ans:- Swarna Jayanthi Sahakari Rozgar Yojana

3) The term ‘ASSOCHAM’ means ?
Ans:- Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India

4) The term IBRD stands for ?
Ans:- International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

5) What is meant by “NITI’?
Ans:- National Institution for Transforming India

6) What is ‘AMRUT’ stands for ?
Ans:- Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation

7) The term ECS stands for ?
Ans:- Electronic clearing system


1) What is the full form of OROP ?
Ans:- One Rank One Pension

2) The term SFB stands for ___?
Ans:- Small Finance Banks

3) What is the full form of SPMRM?
Ans:- Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission


1) Which University Press published the book of former foreing minister of Pakistan Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri’s “Neither a Hawk Nor a Dove” on 8 September, 2015 in Lahore?
Ans:- Oxford University Press

2) Akash Chapra’s “The Insider” book was released by which former Indian Cricketer on 4 September, 2015?
Ans:- Rahul Dravid


1) What is the committee formed by the Union Government on restructuring water agencies?
Ans:- Mihir Shah Committee

2) An expert committee formed by the government to review Civil Services exam pattern would be headed by ___?
Ans:- B.S. Baswan


1) On which date ‘World Tourism Day’ is celebrated?
Ans:- September 27

2) When is Teacher’s Day (Birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan)?
Ans:- September 5

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